Emet or Slim


So I’m going to be buying another Medic, and I don’t know whether I should get Emet or Slim.
Slim has good healing but it can be gutted by getting focused, and he can pick up downed hunter’s more easily than Emet can, thanks to his healing drone.
Emet has more dependable healing because he still heals everyone while running around in circles being focused.
What do you guys think, should I go for Emet, or should I go for Slim?


if I were you I would go with Emet he doesn’t require much as much teamwork as slim to stay alive
slim you atleast need to work a lot more with support then with emet


Slim is currently much stronger (the general consensus is that right now, Emet is very weak) and Slim is also a lot of fun. Emet can be a bit tricky, but he’s a lot of fun too, and let’s be honest, he is THE funniest character in the game.

It’s your choice really. It depends on your playstyle. Slim is up in the monster’s face and shooting him, doing damage and healing everyone consistently.

Emet tends to hang back, consistently chuck out buoys and healing, but right now to be honest he’s not fantastic (on PC Stage 2) so I don’t know.

Whichever you find more fun, I guess.


I just had a match completely turn around because of Emet’s respawn beacon. But that’s the beauty of evolve. All hunters have there pros and cons. You can’t go wrong.

Also since the game essentially just launched. Look at what medics are popular, Playing hunters the monster hasn’t seen can usually throw them off.


Emet’s healing buoys are smashed instantly by Wraith, Gorgon, Kraken, and Elder Kraken’s AOE abilities. Concerning you’ll want them in the thick of the fight, it’s difficult to keep them up when they’re being smashed so easily. Goliath and Meteor Goliath have a slightly harder time dealing with him, but man, those buoys just cripple his ability to keep up healing with how fragile they are.

Slim, while challenging, is an aggressive hunter who can put up healing bursts really quickly. Your success is dependent on knowing which battles to pick, but with capacity and reload perks, he’ll be putting out bursts constantly. It’s very impressive to see happen, and can be really scary for an inexperienced monster.


Man, i just feel slim so under powered now, especially after TRS changes the spore cloud.

I rely on the spore “Invi” alot, but now… :cry:, Think i have to adapt to it, or change to other medic, perhaps , emet is my next choice. :thinking:


Spore Cloud was fine before TU. Nullified the smell ability however hitting a target in the cloud revealed them for 2 seconds. I think that was very balanced.


if your playing with premades… slim… if your planning on solo with randoms Emet :stuck_out_tongue: ( i prefer caira/val for randoms )


Emet is a fun character but not so easy to play since he needs more thought and experience to pull off some good healing on your teamates as well as teamates that are aware of what they are doing when playing with Emet as medic.

I would say go for Slim.
Actually I would say go for Caira to be honest atm ;).
Maybe you should just wait a couple of weeks for the character rotation and see for yourself some medics before aqcuiring one :wink:

I won’t say I am not biased though I never liked Emet to begin with.



Yeah if anything Emet requires the most teamwork to stay alive, especially now. Slim has better self sustain, and he can keep himself up without help for a little while at least. Not Emet.



I think Emet is actually the hardest Medic to play, honestly, unless it’s just me. I played them all a lot before S2, had them all elited, and Emet was toughest to be effective with.


Because effectivity of Emet depends on your team too. Good Emet player is only half of success.


EMET now has a 3 sec cooldown on his Healing Burst. He is insanely good and much better than Slim.


I want what you’re smoking.


I honestly prefer EMET over Slim. I’ve a much easier time killing slim than EMET.

The trick with EMET is playing with height. Put your buoys low and high and a bit spread. This way your opponent won’t notice it as much and when he does, the damage will already be done.

But ask the support then to be Sunny (for jetpack boost) and trapper Abe or Crow for their slowing effect.

Or, if there are too much strikes, keep your distance, let the other hunters dome the monster and fight it out. Then, once one or two are down, put your beacon so the rest can come back :smiley:


really with a bunch of randoms and I stay alive long and can keep the team alive as slim not so much


I feel EMET relies more on his team working around his buoys and avoiding damage to really work well. So if you trust your teammates, EMET can be good. Slim doesn’t require too much teamwork to make work. I think that if you solo a lot, get Slim. If you group up a lot and your team works with you, I think EMET is fine.


But, and this is just a question, wouldn’t the same be said of other Medics? So for example if it takes your friends avoiding damage for Emet to work well, wouldn’t the same team avoiding the same damage be better with someone like, for example Caira, whose healing works well even when someone is getting hurt?

So if you can apply yourselves well to Emet and make him work, is there a point in choosing him over others who’d just do better?