Emet Mastery


Considering that Emet’s masteries are absolutely ridiculous to achieve may I just suggest this:

  • Tier 2 Respawn Beacon: Allow multiple points per match. Being forced to play 10 matches and use the thing twice is torturous. Given that in any real match playing 10 matches would likely take 150 to over 200+ minutes which is three hours or more.

  • Tier 3 Masteries: In general, lower these, these masteries are astronomical in my eyes coming from the guy who masters everything right off the bat. It seems that at launch masteries are unrealistically high and will take a multitude of hours or even days of grinding to get or months to get doing it completely legit.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about:


Yea, it is a tad rediculous.


Like, the Tier two masteries aren’t even that bad but I’ve been sitting here for hours farming them and I’m not even done with Tier two. It’s a tad ridiculous. Wouldn’t be as bad if it just stacked.


The one I see as a problem is the beacon. Legit play you may never get it. The odds of the medic being sole survivor is really low and then you give away your position and your beacons position when you use it. And usually the support and medic run when its down to 2 hunters and support has the cloak. Who do you think the monster will chase? Especially sense EMET has this beacon. And then if you do get away in this scenario you won’t get progression if support is still alive. And then we also need to know if deploying the beacon before you are sole survivor gives progression? Or if you only get the point when you depoy it after everyone else is dead? The others seem fine but teadious. This one is just down right ridiculous.


Also how are you farming? I’m finally getting points for the beacon but I can’t really get more than 2 in a match before the monster dies or kills us


I’m playing a solo match.

Map: Murder Pits
Gamemode: Arena
Monster: Any
Stage: 3
Armor: 100%
Strikes: 0
Time: Infinite
Number of wins: 1
Difficulty: Prefers Monster
Sudden Death: Off

I then watch as my team dies while I don’t heal them, then when they all die I drop a beacon, mitigate for 30 seconds, have them spawn it, and repeat that once more then kill the Monster. Getting it four times won’t count towards two points, or six to three or eight to four. It never stacks it just counts as one.


Have you been getting points before or after it revived them? I just got 75% pergression halfway into the 30 second timer


It’s weird, no clue. I’d say after.


I have a feeling reload is gonna be good for him. Just tried it and the buoys seem to turn on alot faster


Nah, these masteries are a walk in the park.


They don’t affect how fast they turn on (I don’t think) but I very much prefer reload.

@FengShuiEngine You may be insane :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s…relativity easy. And I haven’t even done it yet. But I already have my plan all sorted out so I’m good.


There’s no point in lowering them IMO. People are still gonna get them, and they’re still gonna do it through solo…


A single missile misses and hits something else. Doesn’t count.

Monster trolls you and lets the Hunter live until dropship happens.

You only heal with two buoys.

You only revive people once in a round if that.

Not really all that easy.


Just because they’ll get them doesn’t mean they should be unreasonable.


That’s why you make them stand still.

Kinda hard to keep them alive if you’re not healing them.

Just have multiple people go down at once. The bots aren’t smart.


Well, why not? Surely it’s a sure-fire way to keep the completionists playing the game? If people are gonna farm it off bots, they’re going to do it regardless of whatever numbers TRS pull.


Not really, they’ve changed masteries before, they can easily do it again. Masteries that were completely unreasonable like Behemoth were made reasonable. Gorgon I imagine will be changed too along with Emet given how insanely stupid these are.


I never played Bob until recently so I don’t know what his old challenges were, and Gorgon’s I found easy enough. Haven’t had a chance to play as EMET yet, but I can give you a more reliable opinion tomorrow. But anyway. Gorgon is a good example. You say Gorgon’s masteries are completely ridiculous. Yet, loads of people farmed her Elite against bots. People will, already have been and probably are now, farming EMET Elite against bots, despite his masteries. People are still gonna do it, it will just keep them playing the game for longer, and right now, more than ever, that’s what TRS needs.


They were roughly double, sometimes triple what they are now.[quote=“SedoUmbra, post:19, topic:78837”]
Gorgon’s I found easy enough.

Easy yes, takes forever? YES.

Gorgon’s masteries were and are completely ridiculous, most everyone agrees on that given the Spider Trap mastery.

And if anything the fact that something is so unachievable that it has to be farmed is more than likely going to push people away rather than draw them in. Give someone an achievable goal and they’ll try their hardest, give someone an impossible goal and they’ll quit a lot faster. They won’t stick around hoping it becomes possible or that they complete the impossible goal longer than they would otherwise.