Emet Masteries are insane


Tier 1
Replay Cannon- Deal 20,000 damage

Respawn Beacon- Successfully revive 10 teammates

Healing Buoy- Passively heal allies for 12,000 hp

Tier 2
Replay cannon- Deal 40,000 damage to the monster

Respawn beacon- Revive 2 teammates in a single round 20 times

Healing buoy- Burst heal using healing buoys for 18000 health

Tier 3
Replay cannon- Hit the monster with a full volly 100 times

Respawn beacon- Respawn teammates while your the sole survivor 60 times

Healing buoy- Heal allies using all buoys 60 times

Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us on this one. That 3 star respawn beacon though

Emet Mastery



internal Screaming ensues


Might as well rip our own dicks off and beat our screens with them


Jesus Christ.

~flashbacks to Sunny masteries intensify~


Fuck that, I don’t even have T1 mastered!


#I CAN DO IT… I CAN… :cry:


Yeah and currently I’m not getting any progress on the respawn beacon. I mean I’ve definitely used it. It just says I did it zero times after the round is over. Witch is annoying


These are numbers id expect for elite monsters. Wtf TRS?


OMG 0____0


Game devs always do this, they make the new character really OP then nerf him later on.


And in what way is Emet OP? Care to explain?


I think that means you need to level up the other weapons ,once they are it will start upgrading until it reaches the soft cap which will be lifted once the their gear catches up.


Respawn beacon- Respawn teammates while your the sole survivor 60 times sigh I cant believe you even asked.!


Being the sole survivor as medic seems like a ridiculous mastery. And then you have to do it 60 times. And then after you are the sole survivor your beacon has to survive 30 seconds. Witch seems difficult in itself because the monster can see it unless it’s in a cave.


Doesn’t seem all that insane?


I think he means tier 3 masteries op


curls up in the fetal position in the corner

  • I get the feeling you have zero clue what OP means.

  • How in any way would that make Emet OP?


Yes thank you, still learning the lingo!