Emet is invisible/nonexistent in Solo games


Title. He is never with the team, and if I go to the respawn beacon I can see the subtitles pick up his lines but he’s nowhere to be seen.


Ok, wait…I just found him. Maybe he’s bugged? He doesn’t travel with the team, I guess. Like, at all.


I’ve noticed the same, AI Emet hides until a hunter goes down and then a beacon goes up


So, instead of Emet disappearing, this is more a problem with his AI not really doing anything? If so I’ll edit your title for clarity.


I guess? I think what triggered his appearance in game was him somehow getting eaten by a plant. He was close enough to be near me, enough that I could see subtitles for his lines. However, I couldn’t see him anywhere, and his teammates did nothing to help him. I’d say he’s existent, but he’s either 1) invisible or 2) “there” but not in the map. I never see Emet with the team, at least up until that point. I’ve played whole bot games with an emet and would never, ever see him.


Hm… that is really strange.

I won’t touch the title for now in that case.


Do you play on PC? If so, I could link you to my steam profile and I can play a game for you with bot Emet.


Sorry, no. I play solely on XBone.


I have had that happen multiple times as well. Doesn’t travel with the team, but puts down the beacon once there is hunter dead.


I had this happen to me a couple times last night as Goliath

First one I come across Emet and sneak and book it to the other side of the map to avoid getting domed only to come face to face with more Hunters. I sat there scratching my head wondering how they could’ve beaten me from one side of the map to the other until I realized Emet mustve just been trudging along by himself for some reason. Thought that was weird for a bot.

The second, I drag it out to a relay fight and let the hunters come to me at the relay itself. I down the trapper, assault and support and then spent the next 7 minutes scouring the map looking for this unseen swearing ninja medic who I swear is taunting me now.

Destroyed a beacon and the same 3 hunters 3 separate times before i finally tracked him down, once again, on the other side of the map by himself.

I almost don’t want this changed cuz those have been the funniest and most entertaining solo matches i’ve ever had lol