Emet in 2.04

Am I the only one here who thinks he is worse now? I swear it feels like I’m playing with different medic.

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No, I think they’ve made him OP

Stack class ability cooldown and it becomes 4 seconds again but with 300 hp instead of 180!


Yes, but at expense of movement.

Emet needs passive healing buff more than anything. Tone down healing burst and increase HPS. With open maps and fast paced battles this change require Sunny.


What? His movement wasn’t effected, the only thing nerfed was his heal burst cooldown

No. What I meant was that cooldown perks are at expense of movement. Before the patch I either picked cooldown when support was Sunny, or jetpack recharge when support was Hank. But now I’m forced to always take cooldown.
As I said ES2 has different kind of gameplay. Increasing both HB and and cooldown will only hurt him. What he trully needs is passive healing buff. Not something over the top, but HPS that will manage to keep dodging hunters a bit longer alive. I suggest to trade HB capacity for HPS.

Oh, now I understand what you mean

Well 2 seconds really isn’t a lot since his heal burst hp was doubled. It’s still the fastest of all medics

You can still take jetpack and be good with EMET

It’s not me that has problem with me. It’s others.

Emet is amazing he is far better and viable there is no issue here

OK, thanks for your input. Bye!

I’m confused here.

Class ability cooldowns now work better on him, but that hasn’t changed how movement speed works on him. Running movement speed on him has not changed, but using Class ability cooldown has become better, as well as his general healing.

I explained it 5 posts up.

Yeah, I read it. Still don’t understand the point you’re making.

Are you saying that Class ability cooldown is so good now that you don’t feel you can viably pick movement speed?

You obviously didn’t:

Actually, I did so don’t be a dick about it.

How about instead of just quoting the bit I already read and said I didn’t understand, you try rephrase? I have no idea why you feel “forced” to always take cooldown now?

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Because the CD of burstheal went up by 2 seconds from 6 to 8. Taking double Command brings it back to 6. So he pretty much “forces” himself to use double command to really benefit from the buff they gave to Emet.

Edit: I thought it went up to 8, Slewey is right my bad.

Um, the CD is 6 seconds now.

Oh my god. It’s all there. But I will repeat: I am forced to always pick cooldown because passive healing is too weak to keep hunters alive in Stage 2. In Legacy Evolve he had 12 seconds long cooldown, but that was OK, because fights were very different. Now they increased by 2 seconds, but those 2 seconds can mean death. He needs stronger HPS, not HB.

Thank you…

This was not explained above.

I personally do not find the extra 2 seconds too bad to cope with. It gives me time to make sure the healing buoys will cover the person, so they very rarely/never miss out on a heal burst. They can also normally dodge an ability or two to stop them being quickly bursted down.

@Terepin… maybe it’s just that gameplay theory about how “breaking hand finger rhythms bother players innately”. You’re accustomed to the 4 second cooldown so 6 feels too long and everything else you’re accustomed to is affected.

In a similar example, I’m still winless as Emet (although 2.04 hasn’t dropped for me) and I believe it’s because Emet runs contrary to my Lazarus-trained gameplay instinct in some key ways:

  1. Lazarus’ main Dome entry strategy is to wait about half a second for teammates to engage (so the Monster isn’t looking at me) perch or stay on a flank and spam 500 HB healing (I run Class Cooldown all the time). So far my Emet play has been to setup Buoys immediately when teammates engage… But these immediately give my position away. So I need to rewire something in my head. I’ve thought that maybe I can also Perch (since we are running Jump/Jet Pack perks on Emet right?) and then drop down one Buoy exactly where I am (does the HB stack if me and a buoy cover teammates?). Then I only throw the others on an as needed basis. I’m still experimenting - and winless as a result.

  2. If Lazarus is discovered, or about to be discovered you can hit “3” and actually juke the Monster half the time by just running. Also because Laz himself was the source of 500 HB healing, teammates would naturally crowd near Lazarus almost ensuring that even without active communication, teammates would punish Monsters for chasing Lazarus. I took this forgranted and found that as Emet, with Healing Buoys at various locations, teammates had a tendency not to chase me when I was attacked… leading to me going down first. I’m still thinking what to do about that (maybe I run towards teammates and intentionally “erase” farther buoys to encourage them to follow me?). This also affects my innate gameplay since I’ve become accustomed to sliding down pillars and running around once to lose the Monster. The feeling of using Emet and not being able to do that is somewhat uncomfortable. My fingers still do what they’re programmed to do, but the result is no longer the same! :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Lazarus’ healing gameplay is convenient in the sense that you can do it “on the dodge” and you never have to switch out of the Silenced Rifle - so I am actively helping to kill the monster. Lazarus is his own healing buoy so you simply relocate yourself to help keep the match going. Emet has a powerful Replay Cannon, but needs to actively switch to buoys to make the most of his healing powers. This is something I am not accustomed to and it means close matches that might have been won had I been able to pile on Replay Cannon more often are lost because I didn’t figure out how to do damage with the healing at once. Again, I’m thinking I shouldn’t press out all 3 buoys all the time and perhaps limit myself to 2 out (with one on top of me) and then use the 3rd only on an as needed basis.

It’s a very individual experience that cannot always apply or be expressed for others. Which leads to threads like this. :slight_smile:

It’s all gameplay head wiring. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think once we’ve had more than 10 hours of time with the changes we’ll have a better idea.

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