Emet, how good of a medic is he

Those higher numbers are more because it counts the healbursts as well, since they come through the buoys. If the other medics had their healbursts counted they would all show similar numbers. Though Emet would still show higher, as he also heals multiple people at once. You see the effect of healing multiple people at a time consistently with Caira, who often has much higher numbers than val despite having similar levels of single target healing.

@GoliathSteak which is fine! I think Emet is a blast to play, just like Kala. But I’m not going to pretend they’re good :confused:

I don’t pretend Emet is good. Yeah, my score with Emet on this thread isn’t really the best. I’m easily just the apt pupil to @XplosionIncorporated and @Terepin. But the truth is I’m usually worse with other medics.

My Laz is sort of OK, but it was because I couldn’t “save everyone” with Laz that I gravitated to a Medic that does multiple targets by design.

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Not trying to say you are, sorry if it came across like that

No problem. :slight_smile:

No I am not judging, everyone likes to show off. its just high numbers in Evolve means very little on the “bragging right”. lol

I have been in matches where I felt the numbers didn’t reflect what happened. But yeah… in the case of Emet @Terepin has videos of his exploits with this Hunter.

But I don’t think any of us took to Emet on the concept that Emet could instantly win matches all the time. It’s more about role-fit than anything else.

But the thing is, Emet worked and still works great in legacy. It’s just that the direction they took him in Stage 2 didn’t really work out. I don’t really think the way Emet heals is a bad concept.

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What about @XplosionIncorporated?


Terepin has been on the forums longer afaik. He kinda springs to mind first.


Emet is far from the worst medic. The Respawn Beacon can carry a team to victory during relay fights, and the healing buoys can be effective if placed correctly. He should get some buffs, but that dosen’t make him UP. Do you want a horrible Medic? Buy OG Caira, because Emet is a really decent medic. Though, I do understand why he can be unpractical from time to time.


My record with healing is 64,000! :thumbsup:
He Is A Beast

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He was good when he came out with legacy besides his beacon, that is. Can’t say anything about stage 2 though

Edit: after reading one of your posts, I think u made a compelling argument about enets flaws. I think he was at least decent in legacy besides the beacon

You take that back!!!


Or actual skilled monsters with actual team coordination…

Even if everyone was shitty it’s still the highest healing amounts I’ve seen from any of the medics.

And I never used it as bragging rights. It simply showed that Emet has strong healing, but is the skill end that makes or breaks him.

TW, that hurts…

I joined back in February of 2015…

Yeah I don’t pay much attention to numbers either. What counts is the actual performance in game. So far, my experiences with EMET players tend to confirm my thought that he’s a pretty low tier medic, far below the likes of Paladin Parnell, Slim, or Caira.

Emet is really good, but imo only with double class CD perks. He doesn’t heal for **** without these perks.
He’s a blast to play, TRS did a great job with this char.


Caira is bae. And I find her to be a really reliable medic. She works well against pretty much every monster. She has good team and single target healing, and unlike other medics, she is reliable on her own. You can help noob teammates catch up to the trapper, you have enough burst healing to help a teammate survive one or two rock throws to the face, and the speed burst helps you survive and mitigate. She’s not bad at all.

One question about EMET though. Is his heal burst a sphere or a circle? Because I’ve tried to heal teammates in the air by throwing a buoy their way and I miss pretty much every burst because apparently the buoy was two meters above my teammate and the burst didn’t heal them at all. I’m asking this because with Caira I can just stand on top of a cliff and spam my healburst to heal my teammates on the ground, so I thought EMET’s HB could work in a similar fashion.

@XplosionIncorporated I’m the Emet overlord! Bow before my greatness!

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Bubble. You can heal in all directions, even through solid objects. Which is extremely helpful when you send your assault to fight that shit inside tunnels. You put Buoys on top of it and laugh like a maniac. BUHAHAHAHAHA!


Good to know… I might have missed for more than a few meters then lol

Time to try some new strategies then…

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