Emet, how good of a medic is he

I’m still at a point in my Emet game where I’m looking at the team twice before deciding I’m going to use Replay Cannon sadly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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those are unrealistic or against npc for sure cause I never seen or even heard of those from the best medics in game

yeah 18min and 24 min games? those aren’t regular matchmaking games

Consider those numbers as the potential that Emet is capable of in the right hands. Think about it. This is a Medic who can actually spawn three “Mini-Me” medics and plant them anywhere… in a cave… in a nook… right beside you… They fly forward faster and farther than teammates double-thrusting Jet Pack.

Emet is a “Commander” style Medic. To play him right (at least in my case) you hang back and sort of watch overhead and it’s like you’re creating “dynamic safe zones”. I’m the kind of Emet player that likes relocating the safe zone so a Monster trying to look for it can be confused trying to pin it down.

If Emet is focused he can use the Buoy like bait for his teammates. Throw one to where he plans to roach or his own retreat position. Attracts his teammates to that point, gets healed, and now has body blockers to fight the Monster.

Emet is very versatile. But he’s no Rambo. :slight_smile:


Yeah typically I focus on healing/getting buoys in place then switch to damage, or if I get focused I’ll get a few shots on, or on the chase/after dome.

Nope they are 100% against human monster players. Look at the bottom and you’ll see 5 little bars. That shows is the other players are ready or not.

If I was fighting against an AI it would only show 4 like it does it @GoliathSteak’s image.

The 72k healing was because I was in a group with mics fighting a really good monster, all while dodging and roaching like hell. That is the highest healing I’ve reached and have ever seen. It’s not typical. Like I said I usually stay wound 25-35k healing per pub game.

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They were regular games.

The timer pauses during the last 5 minutes during the match IF the monster doesn’t take any damage. The timer can extend past 12 minutes as long as the timer is paused during the last 5 minutes.

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Yeah I was going to ask about how to rack up a score like that… because if you take my score… 6 minutes versus effectively a Stage 3 Gorgon with no shield trying to kill not-so-experienced Hunters… then to hit scores like you did… it must have been a Stage 1,2,3 war with multiple domes and such.

Even that game I had against a really experienced Monster player ended at Stage 2. But yeah, not impossible these scores. Emet can also score a lot because his healing can be “perpetual but tiny” so his score goes tick-tick-tick with those healing buoys depending on how much action is going on.

And with aggressive Hunters and Monsters that’s a LOT of action! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Thus he needs battle awareness. If the average joe doesn’t know how to control the battle then he’s contributing to the idea that Emet is trash-tier.

And if the Emet player doesn’t know how to roach Emet doesn’t have any defensive abilities and so he’s fragile without mitigation perks.


Absolutely correct… @SteelDragon’s reaction to Emet though kinda reminds me of my reaction to Slim before 2.11. Some Hunters have a skill-cycle that is just not natural for some people.

@SteelDragon you should also factor in that Emet’s design thrives on those situations where all 4 Hunters are low on health and someone has to enable all 4 to mount a counter attack. These situations not only extend a match (since as long as both sides can keep fighting, the match continues)… but a Medic, like Emet who can fill up all 4 Hunter life bars simultaneously from 4 burst locations can rack up the kind of scores you are seeing if the battles all dip into “hairline” levels of life bar situations repeatedly.

There’s Emet videos on YouTube that depict precisely that.

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The way it worked out was this:

  • The gamemode was Arena back in legacy (constant fighting)
  • Was in a group so we had coordination and a good team comp
  • Monster was also good (Kelder maybe?)
  • We were dodging and roaching like hell.

So it wasn’t a typical pub game where everyone is trying to be rambo. Like I said, it was a good game and only shows my max healing, the highest I’ve ever got.

I can’t do Slim because he’s a multi-tasker. Emet can just shoot his replay cannon and then forget, switch to buoys and start healing.

Plus, I was always a roacher. Slim would need to tank to survive.

Even to this day I toss buoys in front of me to heal me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@SteelDragon Also, Emet can constantly be healing multiple hunters on his team.

Val is limited to 1 target, and a slow HB.
Laz plays off revives and dead people.
Caira is kinda bad atm.
Slim is always on leech gun, and so his bug never gets used in battle.

SO Emet is pretty much the only medic who can reach his full-healing potential.

He just seems lackluster and trash-tier because he has a high skill floor and a high skill ceiling. Thus most play him mediocre and then he gets a bad reputation as a bad medic pick.

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Look on the bright side… I’m pretty sure they won’t nerf Emet as long as we got good ol’ @SteelDragon making threads like these! :slight_smile:

And yeah… I also throw buoys at myself… or like ginger bread trails behind me when I’m roaching a pillar. This almost always causes a Pug Team to converge on the pillar I’m roaching.

If the Monster tries to break the buoys… I will escape (probably back on top of the pillar and throw more buoys down). If the Monster keeps chasing me the team will start to huddle around the buoys and blast the Monster. If the Monster goes after the newly arrived Hunters I go back atop the pillar and use Replay Cannon or throw more healing.

Emet is great for stuff like that. :slight_smile:

well except for a few cases I guess emet can be a OK healer at the most but I will say I have never lost to a emet ever and never have won with one either that’s why I now leave a hunter team if the medic chooses emet, and I have lost with people who say they have 90%win rate with emet and totally become shit for that game

Which Medic do you use then? If you main Medic? Again… I have to say this is a common experience with Evolve. @XplosionIncorporated and me both couldn’t use Slim before 2.11 (I can… but maybe he still can’t/won’t). And yet a lot of people claimed Slim was OP whereas if you were to ask me based on just my experience I thought Slim was “trash”.

So there’s something to do with player populations and the density and variety of that population in timezones, etc. Where I played in when Evolve S2 first came out Lazarus was considered godly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reading some of our “Emet moves” though… you see where it makes sense right? But why it doesn’t happen with/for you? Same thing I feel when I read about how dominating Slim could be before 2.11.

P.S.: I must also add that it’s a good sign for a game’s balance when any small group of players can swear by this or that character or weapon. Call of Duty can be criticized for many things, but their game balance is very good. Try starting a thread about “Which COD gun is OP?” and you’ll get multiple suggestions and counter arguments and it boils down to: “Your favorite can feel OP in your hands.”

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When I play Monster, I often pick Goliath and even with my limited ability to clear deployables, EMET has never been a big problem for me (except at Stage 3 when he just stays away from the relay battle and places his respawn beacon only God knows where, resurrecting everyone).

So I can’t say I don’t find him a low tier medic. A very good player will make him a problem of course but that applies to any character. Even taking into account the argument that he’s decent or good when the player has dome awareness and all that stuff, as I see it if he takes all that skill and effort to be any effective compared to the other medics, then if anything, that supports the idea that he is indeed low tier.


Not the best gameplay, but you get an idea.

I also have pubgame with Emet on my channel. 60k heal. Never have done so much healing before. I am at 31 wins and 7 loses with him. Pair him with Bucket for max efficiency!

The moment I saw it I knew you would be unhappy. :smiley:

Anyway, my two disciples explained it quite well, so no need for me intervene, except for this one:

I was playing with her for some time to elite her and I gonna tell you she is good. But you have to change playstyle a bit.

The difference is that people could prove that Slim worked against mid to competitive level monsters consistently. Emet isn’t even an option because of how easily and often he is countered by monster pick alone. Even the monsters that don’t hard counter him by insta destroying his buoys can deal with him more easily than say a Caira, by putting two points in their utility ability and being aware of them. Even if they stay up consistently, Emet doesn’t have the single target healing to keep the focus target alive long enough to be worth it, because he’s a spread damage medic.

Bucket is the only support who synergizes well with him, and even then it’s a long shot because you’re betting the survival of the entire team on the other player not picking an AoE heavy monster, and that he won’t constantly clear the deployables with his utility.

Emet has and always will be meh against competent monsters because of his inconsistency, numerous hard counters, and lack of single target healing. He’s not an instant loss but you have to work much harder to achieve a win when another medic would have done the job more efficiently and with less stress on the team.

Its kind funny a few Emet players are bragging with their 50K 70K healing done here. but don’t we all know those kind of numbers only comes out when you fighting a weak monster with even weaker hunters?

Well… some of us just really like Emet. But it’s like some people prefer blondes to brunettes, or redheads to both of those.

It’s not a big problem. If someone shows you pictures of blonde bombshells to make his point, he isn’t necessarily bragging. :slight_smile: