Emet, how good of a medic is he

I must say emet is one of the worst if not the worst medics in game, it takes ages to properly set up his healing and in a few seconds the monster can reverse all that by destroying his healing bouyes. and his whole respawn beacon has a massive here I am sign with 20seconds to destroy it. ALSO his healing isn’t even that great with the healing burst itself its only good from the bouyes but they don’t live long enough to see 1-2 of those bursts

He’s… decent, provided you play him exclusively with Bucket and you aren’t fighting a Kelder or Meteor Goliath. That’s about all he’ll ever be because the only thing keeping the team alive can be destroyed. Just another example of a flawed concept that should’ve been reasoned through and redone before release :confused:

Paging resident Emet player, @Terepin!


you forgot gorgon, one acid spit and RIP bouyes

No, that is not the case anymore. Gorgon has as much as if not more difficulty than Goliath when it comes to clearing deployables.



:cry: :cold_sweat: :sob:

Emet is decent, but you HAVE to know how to roach, mitigate, and use him effectively. You also can’t expect his buoys to always stay up; you need to constantly place them down, and sometimes toss them out and use the HB when a player is near them, regardless of whether it’s setup or not.

He just has very dynamic healing, and you need to know where your team is at all times. He’s not like any other medic where he can just use HB at any time to give heals. You also have to be very aware of the fight, domes, and when to back off out of the fight and place down a Beacon if the monster is not letting your team revive the dead hunter.

He is basically Caira, Slim, and Laz all bundled into 1 hunter. If used right he is more reliable than Val. I;d pick him over any medic any day of the week.

I also believe @Terepin has some Emet videos if you want to watch how to use him effectively and properly.

People get the idea that he is trash-tier because he requires the most skill. Slim only need aim and dodge skill, but Emet needs awareness of the dome, team member’s locations, and then how to dodge and roach.

People don’t want to work that hard and especially with easier medics available, like Val who can lock-on to a hunter, or Laz who can let his team die and then res them.


Only DIRECT Acid Spit will destroy the buoys. The DoT on the ground won’t effect it.

but you are throwing up for so long its hard NOT to hit them

a medic that requires this much JUST to be decent is not a good medic that means he is only good in very specific scenerios

Will you take his disciple instead?

As Emet… it’s important to remember that you’re a Lover not a Fighter. Your actual “primary weapon” is your Healing Buoy, your Replay Cannon requires only one shot and the rest of the magazine is on auto-fire so that you can go back to Healing Buoy.

Don’t even wait for the Monster to destroy the Buoy… Confound the Monster by chucking it around… Chuck it to where your teammates retreat. Chuck it to where the Monster just landed. Oh he broke one? Chuck out TWO more! Chuck it to yourself. Chuck it while running away from the Monster. Chuck it to your teammates like you’re passing out beer in cans. All the while… Hit 4. Hit 4. Hit 4. Hit 4. Hit 4…

And when the Dome comes down and the Monster wonders why all the Hunters have full hit points… smile… because you earned it. :slight_smile:

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you do realize that was against a npc monster… I can see THE DEEPEST DARK (BETA) in top left hand corner


‘get gud’


For me it’s second nature. Then again, I have been a Medic main for over a year now, and an Emet main since his release. I’ve had plenty of time to refine him to the point where he seems viable.

However, I will agree with @Terepin that his beacon either needs a QoL change, buff, rework, or replacement. It’s too useless at mid-high level when the monster knows how to counter it.

But that’s the only real thing holding him back.

I usually get around 25-35k healing with him. Rarely do I use his beacon because of my “battle awareness”.


Yes… and do you know how suicidal my noob pug team has to be for me to rack up that kind of healing score? These new guys beat Gorgon Queen in 6 minutes first time dropping in… as in they were asking what this mode is as the dropship doors are opening.

In the end the team suffered only one strike… After all the lack of skill they displayed… and it only happened because my buoy throw was short. :slight_smile:

If anything… I feel guilty about how easy they must have thought it was. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: I believe I scored higher in a match against a veteran Monster player… but that was before I acquired the habit of screencapping the scoreboard unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue: And that Monster thanked me for having a good game even if he lost. So there’s that. :slight_smile:

Refer to my 72k healing screenshot?

Even more suicidal! Emet specializes in trying to foil suicide attempts! :smile:

But yeah… right? One has to dedicate themselves to the effort to prevent suicides. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quira on the other hand helps the monster kill the hunters… Cuz of lack-of-healing

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@SteelDragon Do you see the trend in scores between @XplosionIncorporated and me? High-ish Healing score… while Damage output is really tiny? That’s the kind of medic Emet is.

She needs a rework. If TRS implemented that idea I suggested of the grenades being “sticky” grenades that make Monsters and Hunters carry the effects around… Quira would be in a VERY different position! :slight_smile:

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If you can get a shot off in between tossing buoys and using HB then he does a fine amount of damage. At his release was when he was basically an assault.

Oh, those were the good ol’ days. Tossing down a buoy in front of you then pressing HB to heal yourself :’)


No, she needs longer field deployments and a little burst healing when the grenade hits something. If she can’t even empty her clip and still have 3 barriers up, then there’s a problem. It also seems like when I use her DR field to tank an ability, it doesn’t work until after I took damage. Could be latency, but still a problem.

Otherwise she could work great against Kraken and Gorgon, possibly Wraith because she can keep her Damage Fields up while she is healing, or keep her healing fields up while she is placing damage.

I guess the other re-work possibility is if they all land as deployables so that Quira ends up creating veritable mine-fields. :stuck_out_tongue:

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