Emet Gameplay Vids


Anyone have some current Emet gameplay vids they can share post macropatch? I’m starting to really enjoy him and I like watching other people’s gameplay for new ideas and strategies. With his new changes I feel like he’s a much more viable choice when playing medic. I played a few rounds as him today and loved it.

Anyways, if you have any vids of or just want to talk current Emet strategy in the wake of the most recent patch, have at it.


I’ve thought about making videos, but I can’t figure out how to make them interesting. I guess we’ll-edited?


I like to add musics on my videos, it do my best so they appear at the good time, and it’s really great to see (at least for me ^^)


I can record few videos of you want. If nothing else you can laugh at them. :slight_smile:


I’ll bookmark this thread and get back to you :slight_smile: