Emet First Looks / Abilities Revealed!

Courtesy of @Shaners, @Chloe and the rest of TRS here is the first look at E.M.E.T!

Reveal Trailer

Ability Tease Trailer

Ability Description

Replay Cannon - Emet fires a dart at a target and homing missles fly in on the dart. The dart can be fired at wildlife, the monster or terrain.

Respawn Beacon - Emet deploys a beacon that respawns any dead allies after 30 seconds. The beacon can only be placed when an ally is dead, and when there is more than 30 seconds left on the dropship timer.

Healing Buoys - Deployable healing fields that regenerate health to any allies within 15 metres. When Emet uses his heal burst, any healing buoys active will also release a healing burst.


Where di-
Nevermind… Looks sick!





Does he have a Finger Pistol?

Looking at this picture, I have absolutly no idea how his abilities would work. I mean, all he has is that weird looking pistol…

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Everything about this is fantastic.

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That pistol is his ducking finger and it’s amazing.

If his finger is a pistol then…

His finger must go “Bang!” right?
Extreme Kappa

I’m sorry but TRS asked for such a comment with a smoking finger.

Either way I believe this character will bring joy, humor and salt to us all.

Edit: Also can’t wait to see the conversations between Emet and Bucket…


Note the planet tamer badge on his vest! What does it mean? Linked to cabbage in any way? Then again, Matt said the last 2 hunters were completely separate from the current ones, so…


Likely put there when he joined the team

But do the others have such a badge too?

Shoot people back to good health
Punch people back to good health
######jk, just incase people thought I was actually srs.


Aaaaand now I no hope for a focused, productive working day


I’ve been looking at it for a while and you notice things like, Hyde and Slim have the same belt buckle, right?
So does Abe.
And it’s the planet tamer logo afaik.

So is this real or did someone photoshop this or something?


its legit
10 char

If it’s real then neat if it’s photoshopped then you should be ashamed of yourself.

It’s real… do you not know who @GrizzleMarine is m8?

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