Emet Dropship Conversations & Dialogue


Being a medic main, I was definitely excited at the prospect of a new medic. I like his split personality. To some, I see his vulgarity coming across as heavy-handed. I like it though. To me, it’s funny because it’s vulgar for no other reason than just to be vulgar. I think the writers were able to have a little fun with him. :smile:

I like to try to grab dropship conversations and dialogue snippets as I run around. So if any one of you are like me and like hearing what our new Vok Drone buddy has to say, we could use this as a place to post some of what we hear.

I’ll start with the few I’ve gotten so far and will edit the OP to be nicely consolidated as more are posted below. Lines will denote new additions.


I love Emet!


Was not anticipating the ‘retarded fuck’ comment. Spit up my coffee.


Wow… I think Emet gives Abe a run for his vulgar money…

Someone PLEASE get some Bucket and Emet conversations!!!

Do it! Do it nao!!!


Bloody hell, EMET IS A BADASS!!!


Abe’s not even that vulgar to be fair. Emet is pretty fucked though XD


Well I’m going by the “You fucked with the wrong motherfucker, motherfucker.” comment…


Woh he used the “C” word !


Lmao. Look! Birds! I wish I could fly. #YOU HAVE A JETPACK YOU RETARDED FUCK. He just said that in my game and I’m dying


i got that one to :slight_smile:


Meh, there’s three there, not that much. Swearing suits Abe’s voice too imo, so it comes across smoother and less vulgar when he does swear.


Emet to cabot dyeing Cuts off near the end sadly :frowning:
Got more just got to wait for them to upload
Emet to Behometh


@MaddCow how soon until your kid is scarred for life?




Back in the stream in some of the gameplay when Hyde died, Emet said: Hyde! He said bad words, but I liked him. #HE WAS FUCKING AMAZING!

Always cracks me up.


yeah got that one to got it record got to wait for it upload first :smile:


Emet is great! I can’t wait for more.


LOL, “ABDUCT THIS YOU FKING CUNT” made me laugh so hard


Glad you guys like him. :smiley:

Enjoy Emet, he’s the last funny hero for a little while. O_O

6th tier CONFIRMED (via implication)?

THAT JETPACK ONE WAS AMAZING!!! I spitted out my Carmel macchiato from Starbucks when I heard it.