Emet Discussion Thread


Haven’t got to play him yet as I’m at work. How you guys liking him?
Edit- Finally get to play, Realize his masteries make me want to cry…DEAR GOD dat respawn beacon

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I like him a lot, he heals like crazy. I get 30k heals on average . And his damage is nothing to laugh at.


Aoe Healing = 10/10
Single Target = meh… 6,5/10
Dmg = 10/10
Self sustain = MEEEEH 4/10 ( but if you have Sunny in team its like 7/10 )
Utility = 8/10


I still don’t have his exclusive skin that he’s supposed to come with (probably the victory skin?)


That’s something I’m worried about. I’ll probably end up using R Val still but I’m excited to give him a go here in a few hours.


Ouch. Were you in a group of skilled hunters? I’m not questioning your individual skill. This is a game of team work though and I’m wondering if you simply got butt wrecked with noobs who didn’t support you well.

I certainly can see that weakness being exploited. (His lack of constant heals)


I wouldn’t say that out loud. Nerfers are lurking. :grin:



10 char


got to know the new hunter is working very good. Cant wait to get home.

Harley Quinn


do the heals from the buoys stack? someone told me recently that they didn’t but I find it hard to believe that something like 30k is possible healing 30 points per second…

also, whats the cooldown on HB. Someone said 16 seconds, but based on the videos i saw it looked like a lot less.


The aoe constant tick is 30, and it definately does not stack. The healing burst that are given off by the buoys when Emet triggers his healburst also do not stack. Somehow his healing just kind of works, since the constant healing also acts as a damage reduction of incoming attacks.


I think people just need to learn how to play with Emet, with good coordination I think he could be very good.


Thanks for the info. I was just looking at the videos and it seems the HB cooldown is 12 seconds. That basically means that every 12 seconds EMET has to potential to heal up to 360 + ~365 = ~720 per person (cant remember how much HB heals). I also can’t remember how much other medics heal per second, but i think 720 is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Summoning @The_Mastermind because I think he is one of the people most knowledgable on the game’s numbers.


I counted about 13 seconds on his heal burst.
And no, I don’t think they stack . People think he’s garbage but I seem to be doing good with him so I don’t know . I’ve won more matches then I lost with him.


His healing is great actually. Also, the more totems you have down the more health they give for each heal burst.


From what I’ve seen, they do. The more totems that I’m in range of when I pop a burst the more health it get.


Normal heal bursts don’t give as much health as a totem heal burst. When you pop yours next to the totem it heals more, and in a bigger radius.


I mean, the support has a responsibility to dodge as well. Are they dodging and/or cloaking?


What perks are you guys using? I tried hp regen, capacity. Haven’t tried RS yet, it’d probably be handy at the end of a fight, where the respawn beacon is mostly used.


He dodges where he can, but usually one powerful ability lands and it’s good night.

And cloak is pretty much useless vs any skilled monster.