EMET Beacon - Removing Strikes


Well, the title probably has rustled a fair amount of jimmies, but hear me out.
#Emet’s Beacon should remove 1 strike per call

#The Idea
Basically, the idea stands like this; EMET’s beacon, should he get a successful Call, would remove one strike from the hunter it calls back. The idea behind this is that if a Monster focuses down a hunter who has no strikes, and kills him, then that Hunter gets a strike. HOWEVER, if EMET can pull down a Beacon at that point (Which should be in the middle of the game), because the call time is 30 seconds, then the Hunter removes the strike if they get called back.

If a Hunter is focused and incapped, then revived, and then incapped again so that the Hunter has TWO strikes, if EMET’s Beacon calls them back, they will only have ONE strike. This way, if a Monster can strike a hunter twice, it is a guaranteed strike for the remainder of the game. If the hunter dies again, which adds another strike, then calling them back negates it and keeps them at one strike for the rest of the game.

#The Reasoning
EMET was built as a defensive Medic. His main form of healing are buoys, which are placed and must charge, therefore the healing is not instant. So, it would make sense that his Beacon should have a unique ability instead of just “bring them back early,” because it is rarely pulled off. ESPECIALLY, since EMET has a sneaky, dirty way to revive others AND himself- throw a buoy near them and wait, which the Monster usually forgets about. However, with 2 strikes, that ability becomes useless, as the Hunter dies immediately. Therefore, IF EMET could remove 1 strike per call, it still gives him that revive ability that used to belong to Lazarus, who is losing the “No-Strikes-On-Death” ability in the next Title Update.

#The Conclusion/TL;DR

IF EMET can succesfully call a Hunter back, then they remove one strike upon their return. This gives EMET more viability and variability in all game modes. This essentially puts Lazarus’ lost ability into EMET, thus bringing him up to par with other medics (as EMET’s focus-healing is awful). If a Monster can put 2 strikes on a Hunter, they guarantee at least 1 strike on them for the rest of the game. The beacon reload could be tweaked if needed, but 30 seconds seems like ample time for a Monster to destroy this beacon.

  • Yes, this is a good idea for EMET
  • No, this is not a good idea for EMET

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I like this idea but it’s abusable with Kala’s teleporter outside a dome while the monster is in combat.


They took Laz’s ability away for a reason.
Monster’s don’t like it. Then again with Emet you get 30 seconds to stop the recall but really it’s unnecessary and goes against the gameplay. Monsters need to ALWAYS feel rewarded for hard work.


What if Emet calls every hunter. They all will no longer get a strike …

This is broken … not fair … not rewarding for the monster

Kala - Emet will be the the indestructible comb

Emet get out of the doom and call us back …

Emet should have a better passive healing on self target like 25% buff … and he will be fine

Emet had the highest win rate but surprisingly the team had highest strikes rate when Emet was the medic before 8.0 … this means he is good


It was a mistake to change Lazarus the way they did. This would be a good way to improve EMET, who right now is balancing on useless. The Hunters come back with two strikes and generally die in seconds. Any half-decent Monster is barely slowed down by their revival. They should come back with zero strikes the first time, one the second, and two after that.


Oh. So you’ve played the new balance update with all of its changes?


Since the update, I think I’ve played as everyone except Griffin. Haven’t used him in a while.


I may have misunderstood you (and apologize for my misunderstanding). What change were you talking about?


I’d rather just have it so that his beacon was more reliable to make up for his lack of healing. I don’t mind hunters getting strikes (in theory, it’s pretty devestating though I agree), but only if the ease of getting them is offset… the beacon bringing people back quicker than the dropship is the perfect offset but is too easy to counter.

In short, Lazarus is the guy that removes strikes, Emet shouldn’t be.


Emet isn’t a better Laz. He shouldn’t completely remove a strike. Preventing a strike is one thing, removing it is another because removing it is potentially unfun and unbalanced.
People like @SledgePainter hate Laz and the last thing they’d want is another person capable of preventing strikes.
His beacon as it stands does a fine job if the team is good. Hunters can distract the Monster and make sure that Emet can hide it and place it. The purpose of it is to draw away the Monster and bring back the dead which if the Monster wants to ignore it he can.
I believe it needs something to make it more useful but I don’t believe this is the way.


Lazarus’s revivifier used to bring Hunters back to life with no strikes, regardless of how many they had before. Now it doesn’t.


It never wiped out all strikes, it always only prevented the last strike given.


I revived Hunters who had two strikes and they always came back with zero. Unless that was something that was exclusive to Solo play, I never used Lazarus online.


This has yet to be seen so don’t be so judgemental yet. Unless you’re referring to his previous changes which I think are fine.

Also either you’re mustache mistaken about Laz or you had a pretty bad bug.


I’m “mustache”? Man…isn’t it a little early to be drunk?


Apparently my auto correct is being stupid again.

Mistaken is the word it is supposed to be.


How long has it been since you played laz? This was a major bug with him on launch but was also pretty dang rare. Laz was only ever intended to revive people without giving a strike. He was not supposed to remove them.

I have not seen laz do this in ages. Since early last year (I’m sure it’s happened to others since then. But again. It should be rare )


I played as him last week. I’m still working on his level 3 mastery for the sniper rifle, I think I have about 50 headshots left to place.


I wish you could just revive 2 strike hunters when they drop,

My proposal is to make hunters have less hp when incapped with strikes

So currently iirc th incap starts with 2700 / 3500 hp
My proposal is when you drop with no strikes you get 3000 hp, drop with one strike and you get 2000, 2 strikes and you only get 1000 hp when incapped, you can be saved, but the monster can also kill you in no time.


What would be the point of this?