Emblem unlock requirements


Quick question, I saw that TheGentlemanSquirrel had this emblem when he was was streaming but can’t quite find out how to unlock it. It is the last one for the eagle and it has flames coming from the top of its head. Is this exclusive to the devs or is there actually a way I can unlock it? Just wondering because it looks really cool.


All badges are tied to various heroes/monsters. Just look through your characters to see which one is the eagle series. It’ll be an eagle badge later down the line.

I think eagle is Cabot but not sure on that.


I think it’s one of the emblems you get for getting a certain character to lvl30 in the evolve companion app: Evolve: Hunter’s Quest


Oh ya. That makes perfect sense because each Hunter would get one and the Monsters get one for the Beastiary. Total 100% sure about this now.


Thanks guys, was curious because I am level 32 now and have Cabot elite but couldn’t get that emblem.