Emails but no codes


So twice now i have received no-reply emails from 2K telling me that my help is needed at key times. Only two problems with this email. First i have never received an email invite to Evolved and second there is no way to remove myself from these random emails. Who can i contact to either confirm or deny i was accepted into the game. Assuming i was not accepted into the game who do i contact to let them know their emailing program as one hell of an annoying bug in it?


I’d double check your email folders in case you missed the Alpha email.

I would assume that these emails are only going out to Alpha testers, but it could be possible they are simply going out to everyone on a 2K newsletter?

Regardless, I’d check around your folders, spam, junk, trash etc for a possible missed alpha email


I have nothing in spam (the 2K and all other emails including ones from this site make it to my general email fine) And i have checked my trash going back about 8 days. Thanks for the suggestions tho. As for it being a newsletter i thought the same thing but i only get them when stress tests are announced with no unsubscribe button.


Yeah that’s definitely interesting then, since typically only testers who have registered/been accepted should be getting such emails.

I know it’s late in the stage and Alpha is ending tonight but you could try to message Jess here, or 2K support and see if there is some way to figure it all out. Maybe the Alpha email for lost in transition somewhere and you were accepted, you just never happened to get your email.

Doesn’t hurt to try, although by the time you may hear anything back it may be a bit late