Email updates showing full names?


Not sure if it’s really a bug, but it definitely seems out of place and I feel members would think twice about giving out their real name if they knew it’d actually be used.

But err… users can save their actual full name on their profile if they wish, but it isn’t really mentioned anywhere that it’ll serve a lot of purpose and it’s only publicly viewable by others if they open your profile page.

In my case it doesn’t even matter.

But for some reason, email updates (such as someone quoting you and you don’t visit the forums in the next 10 minutes) actually use that full name field instead of username, like this:

Is that intended? When I read that email title in my inbox I have no clue who it is before I open the full email or visit these forums.
It’s not private information, obviously. Discourse doesn’t tell you that it’s hidden and indeed - it’s even visible on your profile page.

But I doubt showing that full name on email updates is both intended and particularly useful.


If you include your name in your profile it will show up in the emails.


I believe it to be intended, as you can literally put anything as your full name. Ex: @Katt shows up as “The eater of Oreos” whenever I get an email about one of her posts or replies.


I think it started happening after the last discourse update we had.



Has it always been like that, though? I remember the occasional “TheMountainThatRoars” email in my inbox a while ago, and now instead seeing “A.J.” in the inbox title isn’t really informative.

Ah well. Case closed I supposed.


No argument there! :slightly_smiling:


Njooope, it used to be usernames. Seems like names now. ._.


Yep, it’s very odd lol

Now every time I reply to someone it says Jeremy


It is a little weird. It would be nice to have an option in preferences to change them back to usernames.


Less weird than for us people who put random stuff as their name


I agree 100%, Thomas the tank engine.


It should stand somewhere because privacy. Some people might don’t care about it, some people might be ok with adding their name to the profile but not ok with sending emails with their names


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