Elited every hunter and monster ingame!...except behemoth



I’m complitionist and It is really bothering me to have single character that I could not elite.
Hope they gonna release him soon.

So how many characters did you make in time?

I did all avaible hunters in one day,all avaible monsters next day + earned 200k silver.

I’m Slowly grinding behemoth in tutorial,but you can get just little exp each day


I couldn’t get too much money but i atleast unlocked most of the hunter (My graphic card broke) :frowning:


Wow, I wish I had that much free time…


I wish I had no life and play games all day… :joy:


Sad story,i would borrow you some no-life coins to donate for your new card…but just no need for competetion :^)


Level 24 but locked…?


You can play Behemoth in Training without buying.


I…I didn’t even realise you could play him in solo. Learn something new very day.


You can play every charactor in solo. Try before you buy is great isn’t it.


Dem hacks tho


seriously go all haste and let #SpeedsterBob Rule your life.


Ooh lets see.
And i almost made it with wraith but oh well.


Wait, is the x10 xp event over?


looks like that sadly


Honestly this would’ve been me on any other weekend however…

This is something I concur with. Not only have I been busy as hell this weekend and barely played any Evolve but also:

  • SMITE had a chest weekend.
  • Titanfall 2 had a test weekend.
  • Dead By Daylight had a free weekend.
  • My friend who I never play with anymore wanted to play games all weekend.

Literally TRS couldn’t have chosen a WORSE weekend to have this.

I just hope they have plans to do this again sometime in the future or something because I could barely take any advantage of this. Now I’m ruining my sleep tonight just straight up grinding elites as much as I can; the 10x ends in 10 hours and 7 minutes but I have to be awake and out the door in three hours with 23 characters to go…

Why did you have to pick the worst possible weekend TRS


i elited only bob, because not everyone can :slight_smile:


You would be surprised what everyone can

People who started with monster leveling day 1 have 40,I begun just yesterday,i got idead to play tutorial way 2late


so… what? you get xp for bob while not playing bob?


Hell yeah and It is pretty good!


Woah nice. I’m at 90K silver after spending a fair bit, which is pretty alright, and I elited almost all of the characters that I actually play- Quaira, Cabot, Sunny, Abe, Meteor Goliath and Renegade Abe is almost there. I already had Kala, Caira and Goliath.

Pretty massive jump over the weekend lol, though they’re adding more ranks soon I guess.