Elited Behe, about to Elite Gorgs


Ive just got my behemoth to elite level and started on the gorgon, massively time consuming mind ! 300 multiple hunter acid spits !? Are all the monsters this demanding ? Enjoying it though


No, she’s one of a kind ha, hers seem pretty difficult. I think IMO Goliath’s was the easiest to elite.


Wraith’s Decoy, Kraken’s Vortex, Behe’s Lava, and Gorgon’s Spider are the most difficult. Can’t remember OG/MG.


my progress so far the acid spit and the spider traps will take forever


The acid spit isn’t that bad, it’s those stupid spider traps that take an eternity. It’s almost as bad as Emet’s respawn and Tech Hank’s orbital.


I know your pain. Trying to elite the Spider Trap was the most tedious and boring thing I’ve ever had to do in this game.


Yea 300 seems abit excessive, and 40 10 hunters each round thats like 40 games :-o ill get there !


I had the spider traps done wayyy faster than the acid spit. Wraith’s elite abduction was pretty bad too


Can ypu only get 1 spider trap point per round or say if i trap 30 hunters in 1 round will i get 3 ? Or still just 1?


You can get multiples of it, but 10 spider traps in a round is a lot unless you’re grinding it in solo.


Ill just grind out about 50 every round on solo then :wink: 5 points a round then :smiley:


That’s what I ended up doing. Except I got carried away with it.


Haha get your spider trap in no time then wont i


It was quick and painful, but worth it.


Ill have it to elite level tomorrow, hows kraken to elite? If its a hard one i might just elite goliath instead haha


I’ve actually stopped doing a solo grind to elite. We have so few new characters and they’re so spread out that I like to have something to work on trying to accomplish while I’m playing a normal game.


Yea but the hunters online are getting so good now that getting to elite level monster is just so i can keep competitive.


I normally don’t do it either. But it was because I couldn’t get this one online that I resorted to solo mode.


Gorgon is the worst of the batch.

I ended up doing Solo Arena Grinding and killing Support and Assault and had Caira, Maggie and Daisy left as I just kept spitting out traps over and over. Ability Cooldown is the best way to go.

If you can finish Gorgon you can do the rest easy.


Heard wraith is bad aswell?