Elite wraith skin & OH GOD LOW GRAPHICS


it’s really nice, but it doesn’t really seem to look like the picture

imagine that but yellow pink instead of white and bone

honestly it’s way nicer here than ingame



Do the glow look good atleast?


the last abduction task is a pain. i suggest doing the tasks to unlock mastery though, they teach you some nasty tricks with the wraith you might have otherwise left


Not even close to look like the same, that thing look like a overgrowth sperm with spikes


yeah this skin is a joke compared to the preview of it

i look like a fruit salad


final one to show it’s nothing like the picture


so yeah. don’t really know why they look so bad.


Funny how the “master skin” make you a glow in the dark creature for a stealthy creature^^

But little weird that bog more or less remove most of the glow armor O.o

rank 3 with full armor

Now Compare your glow to bog skin glow in the dark



grinding elite skin got me to level 29 too, so multiplayer is broken until more people get level 29. right now i’m stuck with like, iranian players or something who lag my game out.


28 , no master skin :<

but Im working on the goliath (take some time to get them multiplie target hits)
Every skin so far on goliath looks great, except for master skin. not got it yet but really? full body white with decayed flesh do not look great

Oh well just have to wait to get it ingame :smile: “Fear the spiky rage condom”


it only looks anything like the picture when you shine a light in its face

the entire skin needs to look like this all the time just darker. idk why the claws and everything go black.

yeah it only looks like it’s supposed to/looks good when it’s under A LOT of light


talk about low end, sheesh.

you should get a better pc if thats what your seeing


my pc is fine

edit: wow, never set graphics settings. brb with better screens


It doesn’t glow on my PC. I don’t run on low settings though.



Goliath looks good though.

I think the big problem here is that people can set their graphical quality to low and see a highlighted monster.


Because you dont have armor

You only start to glow when you have high armor, the bog skins however conceals the glow on upperback and tail

I just think the white skin is not great looking on any of them


Games are on dedicated servers, someone else lagging will not make you lag out, they will just look laggy.


still not sure if i like the skin even on higher graphics.

just too golden…


It might be on purpose, since you’re good enough to have gotten the Elite skin, it might as well make you easier to find, you’re supposed to compensate that with your Elite skills :wink: