Elite wraith skin kinda... boring


I was just going into the wraith elite skin and found this

I was shock on who much of a let down . Its a little brown.what happened to his and whats your opinion


I don’t think that they’ve put in the proper elite skins yet, we will probably get it before/at launch though


The white one is the proper one. The beta one is old.


Sacriel got a press copy and that’s the one he unlocked the elite skin on


The one in the video is NOT the same one as the picture you posted.


I don’t thinkt he press copy is the full game then if thats the ksin he unlocked


This. MacMan confirmed that they tried to fit it into the game before it went gold but couldn’t and it will be patched in come launch.


@SlinkyGuy Bucket now you can Close this Topic since we have got an Anwser that the Elite Skins in the Beta was old Elite Skins That are getting patched on launch :stuck_out_tongue:


And done! :slight_smile: