Elite wildlife


does anyone know what an elite dun beetle is?


King of the crapper?


not gonna lie, that was a funny one lol


In the Big Alpha, the Dun Beetle had no elite perk.



Yeah, there are no elite Dune Beetles, Trapjaws or Canyon Eels


Are there different perks on different animals? Or is it just random?


Perks are based on what animal they are on.

As monster, elite mammoth birds will always have cooldown reduction for example. Reavers will always have amor regeneration, tyrants will have health regen, etc.

Same for hunters but obviously they’d be hunter perks.


Wow, I had no idea. Thanks! Is there some kind of bestiary somewhere? I don’t know what any of these beasts is except for the something-mouth that looks like a boulder.


That is probably the best thread to read for linking names to creatures. You learn them pretty quick, hunters should say their names when they see them.

“Reavers! Nasty in a group.” or “Tyrant, stay out of the water!”

Looks like the amount of “meat” a creature is worth is out of date but the rest of it should be accurate.


Thanks a ton, lot of helpful stuff there.