Elite wildlife buffs in high level play


I’ve played this game on PC since the very first alpha, in every alpha and beta since then. I loved it so much, that I broke my rule of not pre-ordering and bought the PC monster race edition for myself and a friend who is a little less well-off (think college). I have 243 hours in the game as of writing this. I’ve played monster and hunters (every class and character) both quite a lot, so I don’t think anyone could say that I’m not understanding how this game works.

Since reaching level 40, and being matched against many level 40 players, I’ve noticed just how much elite wildlife buffs run a match due to their substantial power. Upon landing from the dropship, the first thing I have to do as a trapper is run in the direction of a wildlife buff to prevent the monster from getting it. Playing with experienced monsters, there is no defense against this. They have a head start to run and grab whichever wildlife they choose. This is the most game-breaking thing there is. It’s very frustrating. I’ve been on very good hunter teams and still lost because of a buff. Once one buff runs out for monster, well I can expect them to go to the next buff. If they took damage resist, then they’re going to damage bonus or vice-versa. If they took some damage to health, well I know they’re going to the tyrant. It’s forming how matches are played at high levels, and I see a real problem with it. It’s taking the creativity out of play. It means that the monster WILL be at a certain area right away, and predictably move after that. I don’t think every monster does this, but the good ones do because it is so effective.

The denial of the buff for hunters after a monster eats the whole carcass sucks, but I could deal with it as part of play if the buffs weren’t so powerful. Even the headstart on buffs, I think I could deal with, but please, these percentages have to be reduced for damage bonus/resistance. I think something like 15% would suffice, and make things more even. I’ like fighting good monsters and I don’t mind losing, but I just played 4 matches in a row where the monster was immediately at damage bonus or resistance 15 seconds after dropping. It can’t continue like this for high level play.

My other thought is to make a game mode where there are no buffs. No, not custom matches because I don’t always have a party of five to play with. PUB games with no buffs. Please, for the sake of your more experienced players.



Ok, TL;DR, but im gonna go out on a limb and guess you talked about the unfairness involved with monsters being capable of denying buffs since they get a headstart, am i correct in this?


TRS is trying to add a ranked matchmaking; so I’m sure things like elite wildlife buffs and perks are being looked at more heavily there.


Yes, but no.

The OP is concerned that the buffs are too powerful and need to have the % benefits reduced, or have the elite buffs dissabled during “high skill level” matches.

I agree that the current % bonuses are overpowering in their potency, but the argument of high level play seems moot since custom matches can restrict thise buffs from appearing.


Ah, thanks for that


Agreed, for sure.


For any mode where an MMR is at stake and it’s a true leader-board for those who are competitive, I’m sure balance is a much bigger priority.

I believe I’ve heard it before multiple times that the game is balanced around perks, but not wildlife buffs. So I too would like to see them reduced (though not removed; they add objective play) in a ranked mode.


No, not disabled during “high skill level” matches. That’s not reasonable. There needs to be two options to queue. With and without buffs, or damage resist and damage bonus need to be nerfed in percentage. Just those two. I don’t think the other buffs really matter as much. Please, don’t put words in my mouth.

It’s not about their power, but it’s about everything to do with those two buffs. The monster has a headstart to grab them, can deny hunters, and they are extremely powerful. There is no way for hunters to deny the buffs besides camping them. This means that fighting a monster which is buff hungry (which is a much easier way to win) becomes about controlling buffs rather than hunting. This game can’t be about controlling buffs. It is not designed for it. It’s about a hunt.

I guess you didn’t read the post either. I said I don’t always have 5 people to custom with, so that’s not an option for me, or for many others I imagine. I can be hopeful that they’ll disable them in ranked play like @Blake_Melton said, but it’s just wishful thinking.


For someone averse to having words and meaning added to your post that are not there, you certainly seem happy to insert insulting meaning into the posts of others.

I replied in support of your post. Forgive me for misunderstanding.

While you’re at forgiving - grow some rational composure and respect, won’t you?


We played a cup with Elite wildlife on.That’s the last time i participate in a cup like this xD
Seriously a good monster will never loose with elite wildlife on


Its understandably frustrating when people come on your post and either don’t read/ misunderstand what you mean. I’m guessing he meant that you said this:

I agree that the current % bonuses are overpowering in their potency, but the argument of high level play seems moot since custom matches can restrict thise buffs from appearing.

when he said this:

My other thought is to make a game mode where there are no buffs. No, not custom matches because I don’t always have a party of five to play with.

Which I agree with. Every high level game is dominated by buffs and an “elite wildlife off” option is very preferable.I don’t constantly have five people to play with either, and I don’t want to be restricted to only playing when four other friends are available.

This isn’t a post to get riled up about. Its a post to gain awareness on a gameplay issue. Though when the first reply says “TL:DR”, I’d be angry about the rest of the miscommunications too.


I wholeheartedly agree, which is of course why I take offense that the OP failed to notice my support of his ideas, misunderstood as they may have been.

I suppose mild frustration is grounds for rude dismissal? Thanks, I’ll write that down and throw it away.


I mean, all he did was assume that you didn’t read his post thoroughly like the last guy. Not really rude, he didn’t call you anything offensive, though he may have worded things poorly.

I’m glad you agree though, and glad you really did understand what he meant. I was worried about these elite wildlife buffs too and thought that the community wouldn’t agree (especially the monster players). I’m a bit upset too like the OP, the fact that elite wildlife are the objectives of high level games makes me want to play much less. Thank you for still supporting the idea though, even since OP offend you. I hope this gameplay issue is prioritized.


Thank you, we can only hope others will adopt a similar, conversational tone as the one your reply has during discussion. :smile:

PS: I understand what you mean, although the normal ‘forum lingo’ connotation of criticizing someone for not reading a post correctly/fully is “Learn to Read”.

So without more demonstrated politeness or better clarification, I’d argue the OP’s reply to mine was potentially highly rude and dismissive.


Even for ranked matches I think elite wildlife should remain… but they just need to be more balanced; get rid of health regen, and then scale back things like damage bonus and damage resistance so that they are more on level with the other buffs.

A good way to balance wildlife buffs all together is have them disabled until about minute 3 into a match, that way the monster can’t just race directly to them at the start… and when the buffs are finally enabled, make the elite wildlife twice as strong for the first 30 seconds in order to help with mid-match camping of elite wildlife. I’m sure there are many problems with this idea, but something along those lines would help curb elite buff rushing at the start of matches.

But in general, I really like Elite wildlife because it gives matches a secondary objective which is a great thing. In my opinion, there should be at least one more secondary objective in a match to give a little more diversity; nothing major, just something simple that will make each side weigh another option while playing.


Yeah, I agree 100%. Some people think it only DMG, DMG RES and HP Regen that are OP, but IMO most of the buffs are game breaking in some way and I would love a mode that disabled them for public play (hopefully the ranked mode they are adding!). When I’m playing pub games for fun sometimes I do silly stuff like go griffin and just run and get the nomad buff, it’s basically impossible for the monster to get away after the first dome. It’s just ridiculous.

Most games on public are determined by who controls the buffs better and who managed to take advantage of a good buff more. I also think masteries are dumb. Having your gun do 10% more damage just because you have played that character a lot doesn’t make any sense.


Elite buffs only favor the monster. The monster can freely pick between the buffs that have not been denied and then pick when he/she wants to fight. The hunters can only hope they walk across the buff they want and then get to engage within the next five minutes.


pick kraken, skip every map without sloth, get DI, wreck faces with 3 points in Vortex. Repeat until fixed.


in my opinion they should change the buffs. i think it should be random what animals has what buff. so you don’t know until you killed the animal. and then they should add a limit to take buffs in higher levels… so fe every player is able to take one buff during the whole match.


Yaya i like wraith trap as a monster. Simply there are 2 sloths in a row so this is 100% dmg buff before hunters dropship. Ok you’ve got that buff, eat until full armor. Engage as a stage 1 and fight them until they take off 3-5 bars of health you will take 2-4 strikes and then… There is only 1 tyrant and it’s 100% health regen. Take that regen, regen all your HP. Stage 2 full armor full HP vs hunters with 2-4 strikes = 100% win.

Ok if those hunters are cleaver and will take health regen asap they may win but if those guys are random they will not do that.

Really similar situation is on fusion plant (2 sloths, 2 tyrants) and the tyrant in the forest is probably 90% health regen imo. I feel like that buff is always there.