Elite Wild life


Really tired of these things. Does anyone else feel like these benefit the monsters far more than the hunters, Minus slow monster buff and Poison damage.


Well it does help them balance the 4v1 aspect of the game :slight_smile:


Yes, the Wildlife buffs are…skewed, to say the least. And the randomness it terrible for balance. If a Monster spawns right next to a Mammoth Bird elite, that’s his. No contest. Monsters have a huge advantage in getting the buffs. It’s annoying.


I just feel specific buffs just allow monters to get so out of hand. Damage buff, Damage Resistance, Cooldown bonus to name a few. Once a monster picks these up, even at stage one, It just feels impossible to call it even close to even.


It isn’t. Ideally, a match will come to a crippled Stage Three Monster fighting the Hunters- who have a few strikes spread between them- both on somewhat equal ground. Monster is more powerful and Hunters have strikes but the Monster has low health. A balanced fight.

Some buffs ruin that balance.

Damage Buff plus Rock Throw? One hit and if you had at least one strike even Caira can not save you.


I mean. The small perks, sure. But the Bigger ones. Have you ever gotten hit by a Goilith stage two with 3 points in rock throw with the damage buff. That doesnt “feel” like an even fight even if you have it as hunters.


Nothing can. And Karken with Cooldown. Please… That is just ridiculous


Oh Stage 3 Goliath could spank the behemoth lol, I’ll agree there


Just had 4 games in a row where the Monster had Damage Buff or Damage Resistance before it was physically possible for us to reach him. gg before we could do anything, definitely frustrating.


Yeap. Just doesnt add anything to game when your either getting so out damaged you cant play or you shoot for days and cant touch the monster. I really cant figure out why these buffs havent been balanced yet.


I want the option to turn off albinos in the MM. Since we can’t, I usually play custom.


Im really hoping that when/if they add ranked play they just remove buffs and masteries so its actually just a hunt. The game is so much better balanced without mastery and buffs. Me and close friends just turn everything off, and its actually really fun.