Elite Weapon Skins and Other Lost content


As an Original Monster Race PC edition holder. I was really into this game and grinded for hours to get almost every single elite weapon skin. Basically I’d like to know when I will be getting these back. I seriously feel robbed of hours of grinding and any of you that have played it earlier will know how hard some of these were to get. Not to meantion Money I also spent trying to get the badges that are now just gone for HQ.

That said its great to see the game back and going strong, I’d just like to have the content I earned back. Thanks


The overhauled progression system is the reason that elite skins don’t carry over from Legacy Evolve. But you now can unlock Weapon AND Hunter skins!

The HQ badges will also be unlockable.


again, I have to do it all over again. No recognition of doing it the first time. I get the hunter skins but the weapons skins I dont understand why they cant be accredited and new ones made for the and give in recognition etc.


The progression systems are vastly different, the information wouldn’t carry over.


It remembers the ones I brought. Its not that different.


Purchased items and unlocked items aren’t the same things.


If you coded, they would work the same way.


I don’t believe they would. In any case it’s something to work towards!


Ill wait for an offical comment, aka someone who knows what they are on about.


Cosmetics will be unlocked faster than you realize as they made it easier now - no more ability-specific tasks you have to do to acquire them, just play and enjoy.
I did too grind elite skins, even had some in big alpha. I was probably one of the earliest Hank players to unlock that full black weapon skin. Yeah, elite weapon skin was just black back then.
In my honest opinion game is at it’s best right now. Don’t miss out!


How about this smartypants?

Will this satisfy you enough?


First off, don’t be a dick to a moderator of the forums. It makes you look even worse than you already do.

Secondly, you aren’t gonna get the elite skins for free. Suffer like the rest of us and work back to getting them. You aren’t special, so get your grind going. It’ll do you a lot better than whining on the forums and getting rude with literal moderators.



Too much hostility in here, whoa! Calm down, folks!

The data related to your eliting characters in Legacy Evolve was removed when we removed that progression system. There is a brand new progression system that is much friendlier - just play to level. No specific requirements. The elite skins are still there; level the character you desire to 35 for the weapon skins and to 40 for a brand spanking new shiny full Hunter elite skin.


Yes, whoa it’s cool. We’re all friends, no need to pick fights with eachother. We’re all good… here… now.


Mod’s do know what they are talking about that’s why they’re mods :wink:


No honestly I think your being a smart ass and I wont be coming back here, this was not a plesant experiance at all. If your a moderator then this place is not a nice place to be.


I’m sorry I think there is a disconnect. I agree with snowkissed that members become way to hostile just because you wanted confirmation from a developer. If that came off as insulting toward you then I apologize as that was definitely not my intent.