Elite Tech Hank video with in game skin


Just finished eliting Tech. Hank and here is a video clip showing his character model and in game skin.

Like all variants so far, I like his default skin better than his elite.

  1. Video is private.

  2. How did you manage 3rd star Orbital Drill?


Ah sorry, should be public now. Also I’ll write up good farming spots in a moment. I was able to get 5-8 orbital points per match in Arena.


@Quirknaktor MaddCow beat you by like ten minutes. O.o




Also MaddCow you should totally change the title to Elite Hank the Technical Tank video with in game skin…<.<


You and that Technical Tank :joy:


##Just did 15k damage for T3 Orbital Drill and got no points for it. >:[


Has to be only monster. I tried other minions and wild life and it doesn’t work.


What is the best map for farming? My max damage on orbital drill is 27k :confused:


Arena Broken Hlls Murder Pits.


Wait, are they out now?


Just Hank for now.




Really? I wasn’t that successful on this map…


There are a few locations and methods that I was able to abuse AI mechanics and get like 75k+ each time.


Show me Senpai :smiley:


If you go to my twitch channel you should be able to watch my previous broadcast. It’s around 1.5 hours before the end as I was streaming after eliting. Just go backwards until you see my skin and then you can watch the match or two before that. I’m heading out to a family dinner atm so I don’t have time to link or find it atm. Sorry!


What exploits specifically? The most I can get are 2 or 3 points a match.


I’m just playing defend on arena with Bob and hoping I get 10k damage. -.-