Elite Sunny


Finally!!! After many many many many many matches!!


Congrat you are now a bonified badasss


Congrats I hate Sunnys guts when I’m a monster


You mean “bone a fide?” :stuck_out_tongue: That means “made or carried out in good faith.”

So he’s a badass that was made in good faith. :wink:


Too stringy for your tastes? I have a similar problem with hank, he’s just too oily for my liking


I have to imagine that Hank tastes terrible every time I consume his corpse just due to the fact that he is constantly smoking.


See it as smoked salmon.


I’m not sure I can think of smoked salmon the same way now… Thanks


Literally the worst hunter to elite next to Slim. Didn’t help that they didn’t add them to the hunter quest game to speed up the process :stuck_out_tongue: