Elite Spore Cloud Launcher Team Xbox One


Hey, I’m looking for a group of people whom need to do the horrendous Elite Spore Cloud Launcher requirement.

I still need 17 more.

I am willing to be the Monster and help you back, but we’d need another person so that the default Maggie/Daisy combo isn’t chosen. God, I hate Daisy for this.


Hmm I would like to help you if you help me back, we are talking about the second star or the third star, which is also annoying as hell


Yeah. I’m on 3rd star. I have no problem helping you.

GT: gh0st wh1sp3r


I’m down, gt Finn Mertens


Ok, btw, I don’t have a mic
GT: SpookyCrow
You’ll invite me to a custom game?


I could play, I don’t have the 4th tier hunters yet :laughing: , but I could help you guys If I could grind some Behemoth/ Kraken Masteries?


Can’t play RN, but should be on later or something. GT: Videogamer954


GT: Ser Trevor : i NEED this lol


GT:: IAU MURDER i neee this as well


I found that Expert Cloud Launcher requires you to wait for the cloud to dissipate.

But this Elite is the first time I’ve ever needed to boost to get it. It’s so situational.


I have to do 41 more, so some help would be nice. I’m willing to go monster and let people farm off of me, too. My GT is UltraLa5erStorm- I’ll be able to get on Monday at the soonest


I have Slim Elite, so I’m willing to do it for other people, too.

We do need a minimum of 2 Hunter players. And one person has to be Trapper to make sure Daisy isn’t there to steal the Revive.


This thread is a joke. Here’s a tip it works when your spore wildlife. Pair that with rescue and I had mine done in 30 mins all alone


Well…there’s a difference between using a bug and just boosting for it.

Joke’s on you.