Elite Skins!


Hey Guys,

can someone tell me how TRS is handling the Elite Skins after the Beta? Because in the Beta the Weapons just turned black…do they change them for the final game or do they leave them like this?
Just wanted to know :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking something more like changing not just the weapon skin, but the color of the effects?

Maybe not all the effects, but at least one per hunter. Examples include the color of Val’s Medgun beam, Hank’s Shield Projector beam, the smoke cloud of Hyde’s Toxic grenades, Griffin’s Harpoon cable.

Just something that can happen during the match to remind people that you got Elite Weapons.


I love this idea.


I’m hoping we’ll eventually get color channel customization for our hunters as well, so changing the color of the effects would be nice. Not every hunter has an effect though.


One for each (some have two).

Markov - Lightning Gun
Hyde - Toxic Clouds
Parnell - Beserk Hue/Rocket Trails

Maggie - Harpoon Cables
Griffin - Harpoon Cables
Abe - Stasis Field and shackles

Val - MedGun Beam
Lazarus - Laz Device Effects
Caira - Adrenal Boost

Hank - Shield Projector Beam
Bucket - Rocket Trails/Sentry vision markers
Cabot - Damage Amplifier Beam/Dust tagging


Id be happy with just a complete character skin, even if they just change the colour of the clothes themselves, rather than just making the weapons black. Although some sort of special affect for the beams could be cool


I think the problem with changing the character skins is that each character is color coded for there class, so it limits the options for reskinning some of them.
This was suggested by other people first but a top-hat as well as the wepon change would be nice, and yes i want one foir daisy too.


They change! Working on it.


Just weapon skins or new hunter models as well? I know it s difficult because every hunter class has it s own colour an so… just want to know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: