Elite Skins Reset?


Do we have to unlock all of our elite skins again? :frowning:


Yes, any you purchased should be unlocked but new elite and prime skins must be unlocked at level 20 and 40 respectively.


Yes. You get the Elite Skins when you get said character to level 20, and there are new skins to earn at character level 40 too. Old progression system is gone, and so is the elite status unfortunately.


Do you get a weapon skin at 20 and full body skin at 40?


I think that’s how the Hunters work. I know Monsters get a “Prime” skin at 40. Going by what I have read here .


At least weapon masteries are gone


Where can I find more information on these ‘Prime’ skins? :open_mouth:


What kind of information?


What are they? :open_mouth: how do I unlock them? JK I saw the posts above xD