Elite Skins or just recolors


Hello guys!
So last night is the first time I got to see the new elite skin for Maggie… Or should i say her weapon… the Elite Skins are just recolors on the weapons which I think is completely useless and does not show other players your progression. The ability to UNLOCK the skin is a tough road and you expect it to be a new alternate costume or something better but…a gun recolor… come on now. thats not a skin that a camo… I want people to see a badass ELITE version of these hunters letting other hunters know that they have accomplished something, they have taken their hunter to the final stage and rewarded with something of that. If this is really what we are getting, then i do not see the point in maxing out a character other then the skills benefit. sorry for the rant, hope you guys understand… and hopefully we can actually get some cool character skins that matter and can be seen!



I thought I read somewhere that they couldn’t really change the outfits.

I may be wrong on that so maybe someone else can comment further.

I really do not see why they wouldn’t add that if there was not some problem with doing it though.


I’d rather my gun look different than my character since I can’t see my character


Only thing I’d add is the colours need to match the hunters attire otherwise you get stuff like all red Parnell with a white or blue weapon which looks wonky looking at him at the character select or dropship


Ehh that doesn’t bother me I like playing Maggie with a red gun. (Exterminator skin)


The exterminator skins match everyone except Val


I remember seeing a full-body Markov skin somewhere, but I can’t remember where…
His suit was dark blue and so was his Lightning gun.


Yes it’s just recolor. The best part of elite skin is the red flag next to your name. Now elite skins are at least for free, but paying for just recolors is just meh. The amount of work put into makings those “skins” was… well there was none, who am I kiddin’. I like the game but this aspect receives big BOOOOOOO from me.


Skins, for the most part, ARE recolors/re-textures.