Elite Skins? Disappointed


I play as Cabot ALOT he is my favourite character and I have his elite skin as well as well as rank 33 in the leaderboards for him, so it’s safe to say I play as him almost every game. The Elite Skin is boring and doesn’t change his appearance what so ever just makes my tools look nicer but only I will really ever notice that. Wish TRS did something cooler with the elite skins is all… :frowning:


If you haven’t been paying attention, they’ve said that they won’t change appearance of hunters. Only weapons.

For example:

The medic is blue, if they make the medic green they may confuse new players.


I don’t get your response at all. He’s asking why couldn’t Cabot’s clothes change to be something a bit more awesome along with his weapons. Why does that mean they couldn’t be yellow still?


I’m with the OP here… Though I understand why they won’t reskin them but what I don’t understand is why they can’t change the appearance but keep the same color scheme… It’s not hard…

IMO right now, only the Monsters are worth getting to Elite for.


They have the coloured symbols over their heads, no reason to stop makin’ the outfits funky :smile:


Exactly, their names are in class colors, and with how gloomy the game is coupled with player outlines, do you really notice what color their clothes are as the monster.
At least when I’m the monster I feel like I’m just fighting outlines with hp bars.


I mean I like how the weapons look. If they did make the colors look different I wouldn’t be against it or for it. I mean I can’t see my colors, but I get that other people could. So I understand why some people want a change.


Completely agree, op. Truly disappointed. I’ve elited Goliath and Abe now. Goliath is simply a bit of a white version and Abe just has the blue and white weapon skin. Which you can’t even really show off because Abe barely shows his gun in the character select screen. -_-


That was an example. If you want one for support, here you go:

Support is yellow, if they make the support green they may confuse new players.

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I too am seriously annoyed at how crap the elite skins are as well as the other skins we unlocked via purchase (ie: the 100$ bundle).

Can’t even tell that anything has changed with the vast majority of them, especially the monster imo.

What’s the point in having a skin upgrade that you have to purchase or unlock, and not be able to have any noticeable differences on them?

Seems like your just wasting the art dept’s and our time with this nonsense.


The hunters elite skins suck so bad… and its really really dissapointing. Their skins dont change only their guns and equip. so why call it elite skins? I bought blood eagle weapon skin for abe and was hoping that once i unlock abe’s elite skin he will get an awesome new attire. But instead i get a crappy color coumaflage weapon skin. There better be an update or something because this game was release far from being complete. The dlcs combined cost more than the actual game. I understand about the colors but hey who doesnt want to see Val or Caira in a sexy mini blue skirt nurse outfit?


That won’t matter. The players have color coded names over their heads. Frankly I can’t really tell what color clothes people are wearing when I fight them. Which is why they gave people colored names.


Nameplates actually no longer appear at 30+ but it’s not like you can see hunter colors anyway with the camera being so far back. Plus you just see what they use.

Devs are being lazy.


Seems like you are talking out of your ass here, you clearly don’t get the point. If you can point out when I simply said “Blah blah change the colors of the whole outfit” You get a gold star, but I didn’t say anything about changing the color. I said change the skin. I also find it hilarious how you think players will get confused if any of the colors were changed. No. Just no. If you get confused because markov is rainbow colored and not red, you have to be one of the most stupid people out there, playing this game for 30 minutes could familiarize anyone with every character. Colors do not matter.


That was some nice insulting there.

Also, devs confirmed that they will only change weapon colors. I would love alternative skins for hunters, but sadly it can’t be :frowning:

And it’s even worse cause I’m used to being able to change whole appearances in Dota 2


That’s so unfortunate, real skins would be so cool >.<


I would be happy if the elite skins were just war torn and damaged versions of the hunters regular attire.

Dents in armour, rips in cloth, a few minor scars and scratches and a sprinkling of blood. Then people would notice the change.

I suppose what I’m describing is more of a veteran skin but the point is to show people you’ve been through wars and come out alright right?


That requires a new model.

Not likely.


I will say I did have some disapointment with the skins. I’m all fine for the colors remaining consistant (i.e.:

  • Trapper = Yellow/ Green
  • Support = Orange
  • Medic = Blue
  • Assault = Red)

However it would have been nice to have some changes to their head-design. E.g.:

  • Markov could have a glass-case over his head (which he did in the preliminary designs of his character - Mr Freeze style)
  • Hyde could sport a Mohawk, or his flame-thrower could fire blue-white flames (making it appear hotter and different to Goliath’s breath)
  • Parnel could have a Beret
  • Maggie could go skin-head, or wear a minor monster’s skull on her head or shoulders (trophies)
  • Griff could have an antena on his backpack and an ear/eye-patch Hud for him to “read” his sensors better; suggestive of a monocle
  • Lazaus could have a skull-mask shaped helmet - suggestive of his “necromancer role”
  • Val could have a full-eye visor - suggestive of a Halo (the Angel to Lazarus’ grim reaper)
  • Cabot could have a forward facing Cap

This would keep their bodies constant, but add a bit of flair to show off your progress (not requiring a full skin change, but rather tweaking the existing skins) - besides only the hunters would really notice the difference and it would be a bit more notable than just their weapons looking different shades and paterns.


Personally I don’t see how giving them different outfits can possibly interfere with the game in terms of the monster sniffing players out, just by their bodyshape and weapon I can tell who I’m looking at, I don’t even pay attention to the names when sniffing behind walls or what colour they are.

If there’s anything that a lot of game developers have caught onto these days, it’s that cosmetics/customization sells like hotcakes, I honestly hope the devs here go back on their “weapon only” for hunters and design some cool looking costumes.