Elite Skin


The elite skins are cool and all, but maybe make it cover more of the hunter? (I. E. Make Lenox’s elite skin cover more am or instead of just the weaponry. It’s not a need, but a want I guess. Thank you


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Why? After all all you see is weaponry.


But it wouldn’t be for you it would be to show off that your good with that character. Idk, I’ve talk to a lot of people and they thought the same thing


It has been discussed before and the Dev’s had the intention of making all the classes color coded to make it easier for fast recognition in combat for both sides. That is why all the Assaults have Red, Medics Blue, ect…

Now that there are Hunter Variants that are all black they may have changed their minds on that but that was the reason they hadn’t done it before!


Don’t worry, Neon Rogue Val and Shiny Blitz Markov are coming out soon. Not tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: