Elite skin Revamps?


This really isn’t a game destroying thing but just a cosmetic thing that they could maybe change, I’m of course talking about the albino/elite monster skins, of course TRS has a lot of things on their hands right now, but I really think they should edit/remake the elite skins for the original 3 monsters, because when you compare the elite skins for the original 3 to behemoth and gorgon, the original three look like popcorn rather then albino.Nothing huge but just a little thing that has bothered me for a long time.


I actually prefer the first 3 monster’s albino skins over Bob’s. I hate how Bob’s looks with the reddish tint underneath… just my opinion though.

I do love Gorgon’s.


What does Gorgon’s look like?


hmmmm popcorn



I actually love the red underneath just saying


I like it too, it’s weird how it looks purple on the images though


Oh I responded to the wrong guy my bad :sweat_smile:


Were you replying to me?

It is just my opinion on Bob’s elite skin. I am glad that others like it though, nice to have variety.


Gorgon’s is the best. I would like to see this done as well but it’s not really a priority. :smiley:
I think they did a great job with the pink, fleshy undertones of her. The others tend to have more yellow-y undertones and it doesn’t really look right.