Elite Skin Maggie!


I have finally got elite skin Maggie after hours of grinding and it looks sick, blue and gold gun camo’s along with blue and gold DAISY! I’m the only elite Maggie I have seen and would love to see other elite skins :smile:


pic? Pretty please


Sorry apparently new users can’t upload images…


Yeah, Maggie’s skins are so cool. Especially because they are very noticable on Daisy, she looks completely different.

I reached Elite with her and Griffin, right now I am halfway through 3rd stars with Abe.


SICK! Your doing what I hope to do :smiley: are the colours the same?


I honestly can’t remember. I only played one or two games with elite Griffin and then switched to Abe. I think the colors are similar.


Who would you say is the best?


Not sure if she is the best, but my favorite is definitely Maggie.


She has good fundamental tools and without knowing the monster you can’t counter pick so I think she is definitely very good


Man, I can’t get through the masteries since I’ve usually got Laz on my team so Daisy usually can’t get revives! I guess I’ll have to try to do it in bot games. I can’t wait to get Elite Maggie…if for no other reason than Daisy. I’m a sucker for the Daisy and had to buy both skins just for her. Her camo Bushman skin is WILD, but so is the Blood Eagle one! I don’t care for Gamestop but if I did I’d have the Exterminator skin right now too. Daisy for the win! Also @Eu_drop you can add photos now.


I currently at work and have elite caira and bucket but this only pic I have atm


I got elite abe on day 1, its like black and gold guns with a star on them, his grenades look sick


Never enough o’ Ruva!
Left to Right…Standard, Exterminator, Elite, Bushman, & Blood Eagle…and a Daisy.


She’s adorable. Well, she would be, if I didn’t know of her more sadistic tendencies. 'The cuteness hides the Monster within.


I had a lot of trouble doing the last Daisy mastery too… but than I learned about Rescue mode. Even with Lazarus on team she will still revive incapacitated AI characters. It still takes a lot of time to finish the mastery, but at least you see progress in every game instead of every 10th game as in hunt.


I like elite bucket sentry guns they black and gold with blood splatter


For those who wanted pictures, sorry for the quality they were taken on my phone and the harpoon gun etc pics were too big to upload sorry :pray:


Thank you @Jure, I set up a few custom Rescue matches vs AI bots and managed to get all the Daisy revives I needed!


Congratulations. :smiley:

I managed to get my Abe elite skin on Friday night, so now I have mastery of all three trappers. The grind is over, I can take it easy now, hahaha.


I just unlocked Elite Hyde, been grinding for it since day 1, took me four days. Looks nice, and has some cool little carvings scratched in.