Elite skin idea


Am I the only one that thinks it would be pretty cool to get a different skin once you get all three base characters in a class to elite? Like lets say you get Caira Laz and Val to elite you get like a tiger stripe skin or something. They can even go as far as giving a soon once you get all 12 to elite to reward all of that hard work. Just an idea


I like this idea it’s kinda like CoD AW max out a shotgun ya got diamond max out all shotguns ya got royal…man I hated 2 of those 3 shotguns :slight_smile:


If you elited everyone in a class, you should get gold weapon skins; monsters would know to hide in fear from Parnell with his gold Shotty.


For mastering all of the characters in a class you get a badge, so theres already somethin a bit like that ^.^


You do? Or are ya talkin about the little red crown next to the names?


I’m not a fan of pure gold weapons they just seem ugly to me. I’d rather have a more detailed paint job on it than just slap some gold reskin on it.


You get a badge, like for mastering all the assaults you get a bearded guy with somethin or other, haven’t elited all the hunters of a class yet but I know you get a badge ^.^


And a cookie don’t forget the cookie


Psh, I wish, then I might actually finish Abe, hes so damn useless -.-


If you need the tracking dart still just use it in defend. So much easier when you know where he’s going to be, just stand far away and use the waypoint to double check if you’re far enough


You get the Time Warrior badges for Eliting The Crew (Teams A-C.)


Until you actually find the monster he is


Nope, even then I can’t find a use for him, I wanna elite him to finish off trapper elites, but omfg I feel like such a handicap


He’s not bad quirkmeister l2p ya nublet


Woah woah woah…woah…woah don’t be dissin the Abe :slight_smile:

Also I wondered how I got that badge lol


I didn’t know that


I did, cuz I is mustard rake


His tracking requires more skill and has a higher risk/reward ratio than the other trappers


You mean high risk, no reward. Maybe I’ve just been fighting terribad abes, but as far as I’m concerned, hes the worst trapper to date


What do u mean?