Elite skin for Caira. Finally!

Just now got my elite skin for Caira,i am so glad atm best thing i could do before bed was to run a hunt game before bed to get the last 50 heals for Caira to unlock the elite weapon skin,was kinda sad it wasn’t a character skin (new model etc) but weapon skin is nice to :3 The steam itself is on swedish my native language and i don’t have many games as i usually just Blizzard games and other so i don’t care much for steam sale. If anyone wanna play with me they can feel free to add,just keep in mind not to be a flamer (cursing other people as a example) i don’t really care if you are bad or not,i play for fun mostly not to be on top of leaderboards.


With this i go to bed with a big smile on my face :3.

Congratulations! Caira is also my first Elite character. So much fun while playing her.

Thank’s. Yeah she is fun,i prefer her over Val who is so easy to find and take out with that medgun beam.