Elite Reaver Buff for Monster Weaker Than Pregame Perk?


The patch notes specifically say that the armor regeneration perk in the pregame lobby has been increased to 100% bonus armor regeneration up from 50% previously. In-game the elite reaver buff was 50% bonus to armor regeneration (the caption in-game is incorrect as it has always said 30% when it was really 50%.)

So does this mean they forgot to increase the elite wildlife buff to say 150% or something similar or am I missing something here that the devs just forgot to post in the patch notes?


It’s intended, I think. Buffs in general got a big nerf to avoid RNG-related troubles and complaints.


There is absolutely no way that an in-game elite wildlife buff is intended to be weaker than a pregame mastery perk. Wildlife buffs are always stronger than their pregame perk counterparts. That is part of why it’s a risk reward thing for strategy in this game.


The point is that the wildlife buffs were not risk/reward. Something like the monster getting damage bonus or cooldown reduction buff was the end of the game, especially because hunters can’t deny buffs from the monster. Thus, the blanket nerf to buffs.


That is why they nerfed the wildlife buff stats and buffed the elite wildlife creatures to compensate for the monster being able to grab them and being too strong in the beginning. They want it to be high risk high reward early game for both hunters and monsters to grab a wildlife buff, it’s the point of strategic diversity in this game.


Macman said the armor regen buff is showing the wrong value in-game, while it really is about twice. Been for a while, actually. Pretty sure it’s a lot more than the perk is.


Read my post before commenting please…

EDIT: The information I have is in the PATCHNOTES people please read the OP before posting I know the in-game description is wrong that is not the issue.


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I know.

Near 100% sure you are wrong.


I did read your post.


That is not wrong that information was stated by macman himself it said 30% and was actually 50% for the longest time.

EDIT: Talking about the Elite Wildlife Buff here not the pregame lobby perk


What do you think the buff percentage was if not 50%?


The buff in-game gives 100%

Wrong numbers is being shown but it is working as intended


Do you have a source on that information?


Yes Macman. I am bored to find it right now because it can be anywhere

I might not be sure about the number being 100% but it is way higher than the perk for sure.If i end up at the macman post i will link it to you.But if not i’m still sure it was posted by him


@MacMan Can you clarify what the percentage is for the in-game elite reaver buff is? Now I’m not sure anymore -.-

I thought it was either 50% or 75%.