Elite Monster and Elite Support looking for team [PS4]


I’m looking for high level, very competitive, respectful, and mature play.

I am top 40 global Wraith (Elite), Top 200 global Kraken (Elite), and a hell of a Goliath player despite a lower rank (~1800 global). I also am Elite Hank (Support is my favorite hunter position) but can reliably contribute at high level play with Medic or Trapper. Looking for a team that needs a monster (although I’m not sure how that even works to be honest lol) but mainly looking for a good team to run with constantly when I choose to play hunter.

PSN name: Chaos412
Feel free to add me/message me.


I’m the leader of a tactical Evolve clan called Nova and would be glad to admit you into our ranks! We value fun, competitive and friendly players above all else. Being so, if you have any questions or are interested please PM me or refer to my previous thread!