Elite Mastery Requirements Clarification


I wanted to create this thread for a place where everyone can discuss what the actual, specific requirements are for the various kinds of mastery requirements, since snippets appear to be all over the place.

If you’re seeking help from the community to identify the requirements for a particular mastery, please include the specific mastery text (as it may be unavailable to me) and any thoughts.

Below will be brief explanations for clarifying confusing requirements.
Since values may change from patch to patch, I’ll substitute the raw numbers with variables, and attempt to retain the important information about the mastery description following the Mastery.

Most recent updates will be at the top of the list.
Post Last Updated: 5/21/15

Caira 3-star Healing Grenade
“Heal multiple teammates X times”

  • Shots count even if they don’t heal any damage, as long as they hit multiple allies (including yourself) it will count as progress towards the next mastery.

Hyde 3-star Flamethrower
“Deal X residual burn damage”

  • Burn damage progress appears to be affected by more than JUST burning the monster player.
  • Monster minions have been confirmed to contribute to progress towards this mastery.
  • Wildlife contribution unknown.

Hank’s 3-star Shield & Val’s 3-star Medgun
“Heal/Shield teammates before they are incapacitated”

  • This means you must heal or shield 100% of the value of a hunter’s health, cumulatively and per ally. If they become incapacitated before you have healed/shielded that number, the (invisible) counter tracking your progress for that ally will reset. Hank’s shield has a value of 1000, so even with capacity (boosting it to 1500), you will be just shy of getting a mastery point unless you let it recharge slightly.
  • Basically: Heal and shield your allies a LOT (healing is counted exclusively for the medgun, not the heal burst). Each ally is tracked separately. So if you’ve been shielding the medic a great deal, and the trapper goes down, you will still have progress towards getting credit for shielding the medic.

Hank’s 3-star Orbital Barrage
“Damage the monster Y times from a distance greater than X meters away”

  • This means you must place the barrage X or more meters away from YOURSELF. If the barrage then hits the monster, you will gain 1 point towards completion of the mastery. Your location AFTER the placement of the barrage has no effect on whether the barrage will count. You gain 1 point per barrage, and only if at least one bomb hurts the player monster.

Griffin’s 3-star Harpoon Launcher
“Harpoon the monster X times while in mid air”

  • You must harpoon the monster, while the monster is in mid-air (just think about trying to reenact those tutorial videos of harpooning the Goliath while he’s getting domed).

Lazarus 3-star Lazarus Device & Personal Cloak
“Use the device on Y teammates in a single match X times.”
“Cloak revive Y teammates with the lazarus device in a single match X times.”

  • A cloaked device revive counts towards both masteries.
  • You can only gain +1 per mastery, per match, no matter how many revives you do.
  • Other allies (like survivors on Rescue missions) count towards both masteries.


I like this kind of thread. Could help a lot of people.
In fact, can anyone explain the tier 2 Maggie Harpoon trap objective? It says to trap it 8 times in a match, but even on the final screen when I have 16+ traps I still get no progression towards it. What am I missing?


Just to be clear, it only counts the harpoon traps on the player monster. Harpoons that hit minions do not count towards this mastery, whereas it will still display that you harpooned a lot of stuff. As a side note, harpoon traps do not target the Wraith decoy ability!

I found the best tactic was to take the reload speed perk, and when the monster was in the dome, I would throw traps ALL over the place, particularly ledges, or up high so that it severely restricts the monster and helps my team, which pays off since I’m not contributing to damage, but the monster can’t escape the rest of my team.

For the 3 star mastery, I found that placing pairs of traps near each other but away from the fight (where the monster might go, again, like high ledges where the medic can run to) helped so that they both trigger simultaneously without the monster getting hit by one, breaking it, taking a step, getting hit by the other, and breaking the second one. For this one, the mechanic is that the monster has to be harpooned by at LEAST 2 traps simultaneously. The intention of this mastery is to train the player to put up traps on opposite sides of a path so if the monster goes through, they have to break one trap at a time before they can escape.

I found that throwing traps all over the place when the wraith was trying to abduct teammates helped a lot too (and looked cool) and because the wraith couldn’t break the leash mid-abduct it saved my teammates from isolation. Basically, a stage 3 wraith in hunt is most beneficial if you’re trapping up the relay. Or, you can get a lot of harpoons on Defend (but the minions might get in the way).


That one was the easiest for me to elite
It was the shield one that was hard
worded terribly
It wants you to shield a signigicant amount of damage on a single hunter without them being incapped


Val: Tier 3 Mastery for Medgun. The Healing done to a Team Member has to be done with Medgun (no Healing Burst). The Healing must equal 100% of the Team Member’s HP, but they must not become Incapacitated. So, you if you Heal 20% of their HP, if you heal another 80% without them becoming Incapacitated, you get a point.

Lazarus: Tier 3 Personal Cloak and Lazarus Device. The Lazarus Device counts both regular uses and Cloaked uses, so Reviving twice with the Personal Cloak and once without will count for both. However, this can only be achieved once per match, so grinding ahead!


I’m having a hard time with the Hank orbital barrage one, too. There have been several occasions where i thought I had it, but never got the points. I’m up to about 10/30, but I play as Hank a lot, so I thought I’d have more by now. The shield one was no problem for me, as I tend to play defensively and have that shield out constantly.

Also, with Bucket, you have to find level one monsters with the UAV, which isn’t that hard, but there have been a few times where I don’t think I received credit for it.


I’m getting there with Kraken and so far it’s quite simple, nothing beyond normal play, except for the Vortex requirement, which IMHO is too high at 360 hits in midair. It happens, but it’s out of proportion with the rest of the requirements I think


What, 360 noscope Vortex? :stuck_out_tongue:


With Hank Barrage, yes I believe it’s essentially “Place a Barrage 50m from you, and if it hits the monster at least once, you get a point.”
I found the easiest way to do this was playing defend and bombing the monster while it hit the generator. Most defend games I would get at least 1 point, generally getting 3.
Doesn’t work great on every defend map but it’s a consistent way to do it. Anything where the monster isn’t going to be moving.


I like the idea behind this thread. Could you update the OP with tips and such as you go?


These are still requirements? They should have changed them for each platform, not just the Xbox. I know Hanks barrage is now 40m, can’t remember amount though.

It was quite easy to get. Hanks 3 star shield was the worst.


They updated the mastery when they did the big patch for xb1, I expect it’ll be the same for the other platforms


I actually completed it already, but out of curiosity: Griffin. His 3 Star Harpoon launcher requires you to harpoon the Monster 80 times “while in mid air.” As in…When you are in mid air? Or when the Monster is in mid air? Or both? Like I said, I finished it by fighting Krakens and jumping a lot, but I never knew for sure.


While the monster is mid air. Not too hard to get unless you play wraiths.


I’ve heard it’s much easier to combo vortex immediately after a lightning strike, because you force them into the air without relying on THEM to leave the ground.


I’m not even sure how to format it, to be honest. I don’t think there can be a short section for every tier of every character. With that in mind, I could continue to edit the OP expressly for the confusing skills (e.g. hank’s shield / val’s medgun). There can’t be THAT many of those.


yeah, I guess, I’ve been trying that lately. thanks :slight_smile:


Would you happen to know if a full clip of Hank’s Shield Projector with the capacity perk equals a Hunter’s health so that when it’s depleted that’s one point, or does it require more than one full clip to shield 100% of a Hunter’s health?


Thank you for this thread. Definitely gonna come in handy when I decide to take a break from Medic/Assault class.


As far as I’m aware…
Hunter’s health = 1600.
Hank’s Shield (And Sunny’s, for that matter) = 1000.
With capacity, (assuming it’s still 50%) you bring the total up to 1500.
So you can’t just hold the trigger on a hunter until it’s spent.

I recommend shielding them for a large ability (rock, lightning, etc.), then letting the shield projector charge for juuuust a little bit and then shielding the target again. I would also recommend prioritizing one or two hunters tops (not all 3 other hunters) as far as shielding goes, because otherwise you won’t regenerate enough between big abilities. Pick someone to allow to die (the assault, maybe?) Always shield the medic, and maybe sometimes the trapper. You can get multiple increments on the mastery per game, per character.

I believe if you shield 3200 damage without letting a hunter get incapacitated, that it will count as an additional mastery point. I can’t test this, but it makes the most sense.

Edit: Apparently, I can no longer edit the OP, or I would add some more clarification as to the specific numbers and things. Even with @MaddCow liking my existence, I have no power here anymore.