Elite Madd Mags Skin


Here is the Elite Madd Mags skins. She was by far the easiest to elite clocking in under just 1 hour to elite her.


The elite skin on Daisy always reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night


Just FYI, that is the Elite Maggie skin, not an exclusive Elite Wasteland Maggie skin.


I figured as much :slight_smile:


Always reminds me of fingerprints. :slight_smile:


Whaaaaaaaaaat? 1 hour to go from Level 1 to Elite? O.o


That’s MaddCow for ya


You got her elited too, I agree I think she’s the fastest to elite so far. Second would be TSHank followed by Lennox.


Mad Mags is SUPER easy to elite, really.


Alright, thanks… I’m gonna Elite her then before they change it! xd


Haha same here


Go do it in Arena.


TSH’s Orbital took TIME. It was honestly really horrible getting him elite…


I got him done in about three hours, just go into sudden death and watch Bob burn. Easily getting 120k+ damage each match, which also helped a lot with the Present From Space challenge.


Do minions in defend help with your masteries. They dont seem to do much to help it…


They only help with the “Do x amounts of damage” masteries, the “Do x amounts of damage to the Monster” doesn’t count. So its best to just play Arena for these challenges because you can focus on the monster.


Ah, k, ty! Im too much of a noob (unless Sunny is involved) to I know much :stuck_out_tongue:


I know I already got him elite by do the exact same thing. It just felt extremely tedious for me


I had fun trying to dodge all of those sneaky pounces.


I agree. Under an hour to elite her. Which is fine. I don’t like grinding masteries lol.