Elite Kraken... Well, maybe next year


Ok, you may remember me from the “Goliath final stretch to Elite, too much?” Thread…

Well as of now, I completely take that thread back… I just reached the final stretch with Kraken… Bare with me here, I feel stupid for posting my second thread about targets for Elite and I promise after this I won’t be posting one about Wraith…

So the target today is Vortex… What is this target you may ask?

“Deal Damage To 360 Mid Air Hunters” I don’t even…

The reason I posted this time on this matter is because unlike Goliath’s targets this one is ridiculously far in front of the other targets which are 80, 60, 90… Numbers like that which I can handle…

It seems to me this target was just thrown in there to stall people, because it’s a very situational target too… I wanna hear what other people think about these targets too…


I’m sorry but I disagree with posts like this. An elite skin is just that. Elite. It should be something difficult to achieve. It took me a little to unlock Goliath’s elite skin. I knew it would but I really focused on it for a bit and did just that. Was it worth it? Hell yeah. Am I disappointed with the elite skins, yes. But, it’s still something I can show off from my hard work.


Just get a few friends, do custom and tell them to jump 360 times. Now people would get upset, do to the fact you didn’t deserve it from this method of unlocking since elite pretty much is that you’re highly advanced in that character so if that doesn’t bother you then that’s something you could do.


I have to disagree with you. The tasks to get the elite skin aren’t elite. They are nothing more than a grind, and to earn this skin without actively going out of your way could easily take you a year, or perhaps more depending on luck.

I’ve grabbed all 3 of the monster elite skins, but I dont feel anymore elite. All I did was grind them out in defense missions. Doesn’t feel very elite to me honestly. Just another grind for the sake of it. Tho I am pleased enough with the skins to have considered it worth the effort I put in.

With Goliath I remember having to only breath fire when enemies were in the air. This was by far the worst thing to grind out. I literally set the hunters to die instantly when they went down in defend, and then respawn within 15 secs so that I could breath fire on them on their way down. Then I killed them all as fast as possible and waited for the drop ship. Rinse and repeat. Probably took me 3 or so hours. This isn’t elite. This is a damn chore. For his Rock Throw I just grabbed a rock and waited for the AI to jump. Also a damn chore.

For Wraith’s abductions I went to a custom hunt game in Distillery and literally flew around the reactor at stage 3 pointing abductions toward the ground until I did all 225. Yes…225. What fun. Not to mention the grab mechanic on abduction is so inconsistent I’m convinced its broken and in need of repair.

As for Kraken I’d like to direct my method directly to you OP since you are understandably daunted at the amount they want. What I did was select the first map in defend(I believe its the first that is. The one that takes place outside at night with the last power source being deep underground)I destroyed the first power source as quickly as possible and then proceeded down that short hallway towards the next generator. You stop at the end of that very short hallway and you spam vortex at the hunters until your minions destroy the 2nd generator by themselves. Then you proceed towards the final generator which has a much longer and wider hallway heading downward and you repeat until time expires. Make sure you take CD reduction perk, and change the settings to favor the monster as well as give hunters infinite strikes. Also make sure that you dont accidentally down everyone. Leave one hunter to get everyone else up should they go down. Do this and you should be able to average 60-70+ a run. This is how I got Kraken done, and it was actually the easiest and fastest one for me once I figured this out.

There you have it. Not very “Elite” ways of obtaining the elite skins. The only test of skill these provide is a test of your patience for BS grinding methods. These methods are a truly poor excuse of skill as it actually pertains to the character, and the numbers they request are deliberately enormous just because.

I dont regret having done it all, but I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I had a blast doing it and that its not just a huge grind for grindings sake.


That’s fair. But at the same time it needs to be something grindy. I agree the fire breath one was simple…just time consuming. But let’s face it…you need to be somewhat skilled as the monster to pull off some things like hitting them in the air with a rock or hitting multiple enemies from x meters away. Yeah…you can get lucky sometimes but occasionally its going to require some skill. With it being grindy…it shows that you are at least somewhat capable of playing the character.

I do agree anyone at all could do it with time though. Within a certain time frame is more of where the skill comes in.

Some elite tasks were pretty simple though.

As for Abe…I had to hit someone with the tracking dart 30x 60 meters or more away. It took a few matches but it’s honestly pretty simple. His others were slow the monster down for 3 seconds 160 times or something. again…pretty easy. The only somewhat annoying one was getting headshot damage with the shotgun. Not quite difficult at all…more just tediousness due to needing to keep my range throughout the fight to ensure the bubble stays down for my team.


I should have clarified the type of grind I was referring to.
I’m not against the elite skins having a grind. I’m just against stupid grinds. A grind can still be fun. Having to hit enemies for a certain amount of damage, or total hits while they are in the air is just not a fun grind.

I understand that they wanted to make the elite skins something that not everyone would have in a months time by just playing, and I admit I dont really have a specific idea for a fix to this issue, but creating unfun and borderline unreasonable requirements that you’re almost forced to cheese through isn’t a good solution.
The elite skins should be something that a player can work towards over long(or shorter grindy)periods of time by simply playing without having to worry that they should have held onto a rock until someone jumped instead of just shoving it into a hunters face.


225 abduct hunters away from group


Yeah! Distillery is the best map to do this on. I did it too-- holy crap, what a joke of a chore. I’m almost certain they typo’d 25 and left it like it was by accident. It’s ridiculously long to grind compared to the other 3 abilities, ESPECIALLY since, even if you are RIGHT in a hunter’s face, sometimes the wraith just slashes at them instead of grabbing. And on other occasions, she grabs-- but lets go before she’s even halfway back to her original location. Urgh.


I actually began pushing for that skin with my favorite pursesnatchwraith build. Then I saw that and lolnoped it out of there. I’ll just get it gradually, I guess- I abduct enough. :confused:


I wouldn’t use this method anyway, it goes against how I play… I’m not a cheater and I like to earn my rewards legitimately, but thanks for the suggestion :smile:


It’s not really cheating lol. It’s just easier.


Yeah I see that, but what I mean is when I do achieve these things I like to feel as though I’ve really achieved it, not cheesed the system by ranking up from friends…

It’s just gonna take a really long time to get Vortex, I posted this thread mainly because this target is so out of place… The other targets are like 60, 80 and 90 while this one is 360… I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same.


I’m not saying to do it through friends. Do it with bots. It’s still legitimate. Just a tad easier.


I have elite skins with all 3 Monsters. Each Monster has a stupid boring ‘chore’. Goliath it was Flame Breath, Wraith was Abduct, and Kraken was Vortex. That being said, while it isn’t too terrible tbh, they had made everything easier but it wasn’t put in the release. They said they will change it in the patch/update coming up.

Some tips if you are having issues with some. Defend Maps are really good against bots as they group together and are rather ‘small’ so you don’t have to find them. Farm achieves this way. There is one defend (The desert Biome one) with a really tall structure to the left of the first generator. Just go up there and use that platform to work on your mid-air fire breath/vortex if needed. Bots don’t jetpack as much as real huntesr though so playing real games makes a difference.


elite skins only take 10-16 hours i have elite bucket so far :smile:


It’s really not that hard to get the elite skins, I already unlocked the skins for goliath and kraken and im almost done with the wraith, for kraken’s 360 knockback all you have to do is melee them and shortly while you use your melee kraken would clap his tentacles together sending the hunters in the air and once he does that then quickly use your vortex


Yeah this was how I got to Elite with Goliath… I played the Kings fort map and farmed on the power source… The area is good for getting multi hits because the bots cluster up in front of it…

It feels as though that isnt the way it should be earned though… Just farming off bots because the targets would take ages otherwise…


Looking back I think I might have actually got the idea to use Distillery from one of your posts.
When I saw the first batch of crazy numbers on Goliath I searched around for advice on how to ease the grind but mostly found nothing. Except some topic about wraiths abductions for the elite skin. Someone suggested distillery so I went with it. I’m assuming that was you so thanks for the suggestion as it was much easier than my usual method of grinding things out in defend maps.

But regarding abduct yeah something is really off about it. The amount of times I was right on top of someone and she just slashed at them(making them still take damage)but not actually grabbing them was just baffling. It doesn’t count that way as far as I can tell either. At first I thought that maybe it was because I landed the skill at its max range(tho that would still be stupid)but when I would miss firing from the same spot I’d still fly way farther than when she stopped to slash, so that cant be the reason. The point at which she abducts isn’t consistent either. Sometimes it looks like I should miss because they are just above or just below me but she gets them anyway. Other times the hunters are directly in the center but she only slashes. I’d assume this could be lag if I weren’t offline. Then at times as you mentioned for no reason she just wont return to the original position after a grab and instead drops them almost instantly. I understand this when I get harpooned, but otherwise its just weird. I tried playing around with things to influence it but nothing seemed to change. Something has to be bugged about this skill.


Oh my god. Albino Wraith looks like a weird, spiky alien fetus with superdeath blades for arms.

i love it

But yeah, wait till you have to abduct 225 hunters from a group. You also have to abduct hunters from the air. And get 90 stealth pounces with decoy.


Pretty sure its actually 30 stealth pounces. You might be confusing it with the supernova task of having to use warp blast or abduct while being inside supernova. Tho that number was 70 skills used if I remember correctly.