Elite Kala Weapon - Blue Instead Of Red




Not that it matters much since very few people actually -Play- Her

Edit- What I mean is that I think it should have new colours to fit her albino arm.


The wires change colour depending on if your shooting (blue), armour reducing (red) or placing teleporters (purple).

@LordDerp can probably confirm.


Exactly this.


I’m aware it’s just since the image shows the red variant I was hoping that the colours might change for her albino arm.


As @The_Little_Jay stated the wires change color so there’s no problem here.

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Yeah, the tubes change color. Red- Armor Reducer, Blue- Mines, Purple- Teleporters.

She’s, I think the least chosen Support, but even if very few people played it would still matter.


Wait, is that a WATCH on Kala’s wrist?!


Yep. It may be linked to her tubes as a way to monitor sciencey-stuff, but I’m sure it could also tell the time.


Bad Shreddzy. Not only did you not put it in the right category, but you also didn’t bolden/italicize your text correctly.