Elite Kala on PC and how to master her masteries


Here is a video of the Elite Kala for PC in 1080p.

Some suggestions for eliting her quickly.

Banshee Mines = This is super easy and shouldn’t be an issue.

Teleport Pads = Nest, Aviary, max time limit with Laz, Crow and Torvald. Put 1 teleport pad in the western section of the map in between the 2 cages near the water. Then travel east and put another ~300-360 meters against the back wall. Engage the monster and hit it with damage. It doesn’t count unless the person who teleports damaged the monster recently. Just seeing the monster HP is not enough. Once you hit the monster with either ability and you’re within combat range and below half health, port through. On the other side deploy another teleporter to have the ability to go back through within 5 seconds instead of 15. Hit the monster and repeat. Best way to get to 50% hp is run through mammoth’s and reavers.

Armor Beam = Defend, Kraken, Rogue Val, Parnell and Wasteland Maggie. Wait til the monster’s armor is at 50% to save a couple seconds on the beam duration, take capacity. Have the team melt and then let the Kraken run off again. If the monster doesn’t have armor it won’t count towards the mastery.

Mind my son, he was in a laughing fit towards the end :slight_smile:

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Damn. You really are a mad cow.


I’m just happy Nest made it into a Elite skin farm :slight_smile:


Nest is also good for any Hunter weapons that require damage to a non-specific enemy. Those eggs rack up points fast.


I do defend cuz minions are like eggs that come to you :slight_smile:


Like Sheldon! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ty for posting this!
Also your son is too cute <3


Here is the video to show how I did the teleportation Pads. I had to go to eat dinner and take care of my kids so it isn’t a great representation as the monster killed my pads when it normally doesn’t happen that way.

Should be processed in a few mins.


Well, now that we all (or a very large percentage of us) have our hands on Kala, can we all talk about how we all feel about them?

Personally the tier 3 masteries are absurd, specifically the teleport pads, to get that Elite you’d literally need to farm with friends in order to get that, A.K.A it’s nearly impossible alone or in legitimate games.

#Elite Skin

###Courtesy of @AForestTroll


I got 2.8k on one match solo with bots. It’s just hard to replicate. I’ve got a good strat for it though.


I haven’t got a hold of her yet what are the T3’s


Care to share? I’m currently farming the Armor Reducer and Teleport pads at T3.

@Tboskiq I’ll let you know as soon as I can.


I’ll put a full write up shortly but Nest. Nest is the answer.



I am so happy, heck yes! :grin:


Soooo sick. I adore Kala’s skins.


I was just about to say “Albino?”



That is soooo badass. I am so jealous of you PC, XBox and EU PS4 players. Tomorrow… tomorrow…

I haven’t been this hyped for a character in a while. Her lore is awesome, that she spliced Monster HNA with hers is awesome, that her arm becomes albino when she’s extra awesome is… awesome.


Just posting the Kala elite skin


For the teleport pads at the third stage, I switched between a teleport pad at each end of an arena in arena mode. I let the monster get me to less than 50% HP before running to a portal and shooting ithe monster before going though the portal and refreshing the one I spawned to. Repeated that process. Probably quicker ways to do it but I did it solo that way.


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