Elite Griffin?


I was just curious. Does “harpon mid air” mean Griffin in mid air or the monster?


The Monster. Just use it on flying Krakens. Very easy to get. Also, it is number of times, so just click the button to tag and stick and then release to reload faster.


Thanks for that. I was about to u st start jumping around… haha.


Now I’m imagining Griffin on a pogo stick just bouncing around with his harpoon gun in his other hand >_>. Ahhh, mind… such wondrous images you create for me.


I got a visual of Griffin using the Harpoon midair, with nothing to anchor him, he pulls himself to the monster, and swings to the front before dropping the Harpoon and sticking a knife in one of Kraken’s eyes.

Hmm… I sense a new Griffin movie coming on… maybe that wasn’t a good thought after all… poor Griff hehe