Elite Goliath, Wraith, and Abe


The grind is real.


Badass. You sir are a pro


lol ending pic, should have been one of those “Soon…” captions


Heh, I got one where the hunters went right by me and I was in plain sight. The trapper looked at me, stopped for a second, then ran off. Guess he thought I was a rock.


All done in solo I’m assuming? XD

I just got bucket elite and soon caira


Not all. I do rank 1 and 2 online, then 3 in solo defense.


So, what’s your trick on farming Abduct’s third star? Whatever I seem to do, the progress is incredibly sluggish. I need to abduct from a certain distance, right? But it’s sooo, so boring to farm this one. Eurgh.

It’s the only thing I’m missing for her Elite skin, everything else was super easy.