Elite Emet skin in game


Didn’t see anyone else post this yet but I wanted to share what EMET’s elite skin looked like in the menu as well as in game. I really like this skin. It works with all of his deployables. I go into a quick match to showcase each one. I forgot to change the arena settings so the monster is favored and stage 3. I get to show a little bit of my dancing skills :stuck_out_tongue:

I will add another video shortly about what I feel is the easiest way to elite him. Do note that it isn’t as bad as you might think. For example, in T3 I was able to get 16 full team respawns in 1 ‘match’. I’m sure I could have done more but I was also working on the healing buoy as well.

The video just got done processing so it might take a few more mins for the HD settings to come in.

Emet Mastery
Emet Masteries are insane

Lol I was doing the same thing this morning when you were shooting in the air. I was trying to do like you can with Bucket and make my missiles ‘dance’…:grin:


Fun fact, you can hold the button down to shoot 4 times with his finger. Can’t shoot more than 4.


Another fun fact, If you shoot the missiles in front of you, you can use them to boost you forward.


You dirty, dirty booster! :wink:


I solo grind, I do not boost :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, I also like how you can shoot while on the run. Hes fun to roach with.


Semantics! All ELITES must be forged in the fires OF BATTLE!!!


I feel bad for pub stomping :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still not even ranked o.O


Yeah he is. To get the full boost I shot the tracer round about 12m in front me, then shoot another after getting hit another 12m in front of me. You can end up boosting some what close to 50m.


That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to try that out next time I’m on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also @MaddCow, do you want to change the category to ‘medic’? :wink:


I haven’t had too much success but I’ve been trying to use it to propel you away from a cliff you are climbing. Say you are roaching and want a boost (When you have no jetpack) to go completely away from the wall. It kinda works but not as well as I would like :frowning:


It’s difficult, but I can be done.


I just figured Elite skin would be general. I guess I can change it to Medic. This is not the category I am looking for… bleep boop. :smiley:


That depends on the distance. The farther away you shoot, the longer you have time to shoot the next. On a distance of 60m or something, I can get 5. If you shoot straight into the air, you get all 8.

Also: You are a grinder like I have never seen one before :smiley:


I blame Everquest.

That is because the sky doesn’t ever get tagged. It is also how I found out that if you shoot the air once or more, you can’t manually reload his finger gun.


@MaddCow could we get a picture of his elite skin Please ?


Once I’m out of this meeting I can do that.


His golden hand looks-

:sunglasses: -metal as fuck. Ha.


His finger looks boring, only his arm that gets a blue skin with a small bit of gold while reloading. His healing bouys look kinda cool. More importantly: BOT SUNNY IS JETPACK BOOSTING YOU?! She never uses that thing when I’m playing solo WTF?!