Elite disappointment sorta


So I worked my butt off for Hyde and Markov elite and I was a little disappointed with just getting gold weapons, I thought that their armors were also going to get blinged out. Since it said skin. Like the red on their armor would be changed to black white and gold just like the guns like that would really show off elite status. :frowning:


Yeah, they would have been infinity better if they were more than just weapon skins.
The point of elite skins is to show them off, as it is they can basically only be seen by you.
I might buy some monster skins if they go down in price but there’s no way I’ll spend cash on hunter skins.


Hunter skins really aren’t worth the effort or money, except for Maggie, since Daisy gets the “outfit” change and its much more visible and rewarding. The skins for the hunters shouldn’t just be their weapons, it should be their entire outfits. Those would be worth it.

I’m still going for the masteries just for the buffs and achievement, but the skins really don’t mean anything.