Have any of you tried this game yet? I’m very much into it. It’s got a steep learning curve and I learn something new every time I play. It sort of reminds me of Eve online. It’s totally open “world” or “universe”. Go anywhere and kill anyone. Do whatever you want to make money. Good times.


I want to play it so bad. I’ve completed the training missions and I LOVE the way everything looks and sounds.

…but our firewall won’t let me contact the game servers


I dig it, but I honestly got a bit tired of space trucking after less than a week. Moved on to bounty hunting which was a bit more fun, but made money way too slowly. Haven’t played it in a while now, but I keep trying to convince some friends of mine to pick it up whenever it goes on sale because I think flying in a group would revitalize it for me a bit.

It’s a shame too; my setup is AMAZING for the game; I’ve got an Obutto R3volution cockpit with a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS mounted to it. Never has a game been so immersive.


It’s pretty awesome. I just like the free to do what you want aspect. Want a pirate? Go for it. Want to be a legit delivery service? You can do that too. Mines? Sure.
Lots of fun and a huge universe.


Played Elite on Amiga, and Elite 2 (Frontier) on PC, loved both. Same idea each time, just with better technology. This time… It’s a LOT better. :smile:


It’s not for the casual gamer though. It takes time to learn. I’m playing on Xbox and they did a great job bringing all of the controls to an Xbox controller. There’s so much going on all of the time.
I was watching a video on the immense size of the universe and I couldn’t believe that it was based off of our real universe and beyond.


Hmm, sounds really cool. I will have to try it out sometime.


Just the freedom makes it worth it. Pirate or law abiding pilot? Choice is yours.


Seems interesting.
But $60?
So expensive. :cry:


$60? I got mine for 29.99 at the preview price on Xbox. But definitely worth $60.


Steam ain’t cheap right now.
Good thing I’m getting a cash inflow soon. :smiley:


What do you do in this game? :open_mouth:


I think it’s like No Man’s Sky
Going to watch stuff tomarrow.
I am intrigued.


Have you ever played eve online ?

You basically have a ship. They give you a little starter ship to start. You explore. Take missions, courier, transport, trade, hunt other ships. You can mine. You can be law abiding or a pirate. It’s a good time and it’s a huge universe.


xbox one is going to get this game :smile:


That’s where I am playing


Is it an Xbox exclusive? Any PS4 love?


It’s a PC game that is available as an Xbox preview right now. I don’t know about ps4.

But on ps4, I’ve been playin planetside 2. Awesome game too. and it’s free


I heard good things about that!! You have an Xbox 1, PS4 and a PC?? Holy crap!!! :grinning:


I do. I’m a gamer brother. Lol. I don’t do fanboy platform wars. I play in them all. Mostly Xbox though as I have more friends there.