Elite crowbill buff


The elite crowbill buff needs to be changed for the monster to what it gives, the 35% increase to all abilities is a little crazy the moment a monster gets that its basically GG for hunters if he/she is stage 2/3 cause its just unfair if the monster has any sense of how to play, it should only increase melee damage for goliath/wraith/kraken + krakens little air missles, but other then that i feel that would be fair, and if thats unfair change it so it only gives the primary weapon damage for the hunters to make it more even


The monster has to be terrible and completely unable to land at least 2 abilities in a row to lose with that at stage 2 or 3. It needs a nerf bad or it needs to be removed. I’m not talking about nerfing it to 30 or even 20% because it would still be too strong imo. 10% is highest I’d consider acceptable.


I do believe the developers said they know elite wildlife buffs are a bit too heavy handed and that they are going to be looking at them very soon in a patch in the future.


10 percent lol i rather choose my 15 percent damage perk instead


You do realize that the start screen buff is 15%, correct?


Yes I do. If you take the perk then all you gotta worry about is denying the buff. Alternatively, I wouldn’t mind if when you already took the damage perk the sloth buff adds 5% to your overall damage instead of 10%.


I am with you 10 or 15% is the most I would like to see from this buff. I think buffs should help, but not cause huge dis balance


Alright just as a player of both sides I’ve realized its a one sided buff for monsters since it should just increase melee attack or basic attack damage from my opinion but if that turns it in favor of hunters change it so hunters 1st slot weapon is only affected


that only nerfs the assaults and orbital barrage, which is completely pointless.
I would rather it be 35% power damage, and dune beetles be given the 35% melee damage