Elite Crow- no escape


Stasis Gun is the only Trapper control which can’t be broken or moved away from. Throw on the 10% duration, and Monster is consistently dead at Stage 1. lol :pensive:


If you can catch him/her before he/she evolves, and it’s not a monster that can negate it with traversal, like Goliath. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s an annoying kit tool, we know. O.o
Just try to avoid stage 1. :smile:


Leaps only take you so far. The distance Hunters can close while slowed is significantly greater than the Stamina recharge time. In any case, only applies to Goliath on a suitable large map. Any Monster is forced into a ‘all in’ situation. Adding Val to the team only hastens your demise.


Just got out of a few games with Kraken vs Hank, Val, Crow, and Torvald. And Goliath vs Cabot, Val, Crow, and Torvald. You need to break line of sight a lot in order to get away. Also when I played in games with Sunny, take advantage of the fact that they just separated themselves from the group.


Shin buddy, I got to ask why you use so many face-thingies.


Why not? It’s a habit I have from MMO’s.


Eh, it’s fine. I was just wondering if there is reasoning behind it.


Shows how I reacted to your post.


You mean the rant one?


Just about every post.


Because you cannot break Crow’s stasis I think that they should add a very tiny bit of damage with it so that it puts the monster into combat, making their stamina recharge faster.


I don’t really face that many Crow’s… people don’t seem to be choosing him with nearly the frequency I was originally expecting


crow is meh